45% of Spanish companies use an ERP to manage their processes

The business sector Spanish has been modernised in recent years and each time are more the companies that put their trust in the technological tools to manage your business.According to the survey 2018-2019 ICT use and Electronic Commerce in enterprises in the National Statistics Institute, 45.4% of companies with 10 or more employees has tools ERP to share information between different business areas of the company.Are companies of the own ICT sector, the most resort to this solution: a 64,22% of the technology companies rely on ERP to manage their business operations.But not only companies that have a direct relation with the technology used by this management mechanism: a 51,18% of the industrial sector use, the service sector make it a 47,33% and the sector of construction a 26,72%.A software enterprise resource planning or ERP -due to its English acronym of ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’- is a business management system that integrates processes from different business areas of the company.This type of service not only helps in decision making, by having all the data and results of the different departments available in one place, and reviewable at a glance, but also streamlines the tasks automating many internal processes.ERP systems manage the production, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipping, invoices and accounting of the company, but can also intervene in the control of many business activities like sales, deliveries, payments, production, administration of inventories, quality of administration and management of human resources.Sales, care, and follow-up to the customer, operations and finance, management of Human Resources and Talent, working in real time with your team, marketing, and decision making. Are some of the ‘little things’ that requires the day-to-day business., Imagine having a robot that could do everything for you: that is the goal of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. “Helps unify in one solution marketing, service and sales of all departments, doing ‘for you’ financial management and making decisions in real time,” explains Javier Arbiol, expert in Microsoft Dynamics enterprise technology solutions Hiberus Technology.Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is especially powerful in safety and work environment cloud, that is to say, it is a management system in the cloud, given its extensive experience, offers “an implementation much more quickly.” The use of cloud services in Spain has been increasing in recent years, having grown at around 13% in the last five years -the 28,08% of the companies claim to have purchased a cloud service during 2019-.Another of its advantages is its scalability: “You can add or remove roles, or accounts with relatively quickly depending on the needs of the users or of the company,” says the expert. Also, is “highly customizable” as Dynamics 365 is “modular”.And, in addition, the implementation of an ERP system offers a number of cost reduction, which removes the need for servers and equipment own –hardware-, to make an investment in the software of database and deal with the installation and maintenance of the infrastructure. “In addition to not must incur the initial costs of licensing, since that is marketed in the form of subscription for use of the service,” adds Arbiol.
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45% of Spanish companies use an ERP to manage their processes
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December 22, 2019

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