5 free tools to optimize and compress images without losing quality

5 free to optimize and compress images without losing quality tools

Learn these 5 sites where you can upload your image files to be optimized for the web for free , obtaining the best quality and smaller size.

images are definitely one of the most important elements of the web, if only we saw text whenever you open a page, as it was in the beginning, the Internet would be boring. However, some forget optimize your media for loading the sites is fast still look good.

One of the most image formats using the web is JPEG , as it allows high compression without losing much quality . Despite this, not all JPGE files found are optimized in a balanced way to offer the smaller, which is why it is sometimes necessary to take the time to get a tool to do the job for us and give us the best image quality while reducing the space they occupy.


 compress images without losing quality

Compressor.io is one of my favorites, lets you compress and optimize your images easily from anywhere. Supports 4 types of formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG ; and has two types of compression: Lossless and Lossy , the first maintains the image fidelity as possible but results in a larger file size, and the second can result in a reduction of up to 90% of the size image but the image quality decreases a little more.


Very similar to Compressor.io , Kraken.io provides a web interface to optimize and compress images, but has some extra things that do not have I mentioned earlier if you pay a Pro account.
For users is available free compression tool for JPEG and PNG files, and you can choose between “Lossy” and “Lossless” , plus your image remains available for download for 12 hours.

With a Pro account, Kraken lets you compress any image just copying the URL of it, choose the size width and height in pixels after compression, upload files up to 16MB, and also have access to your pictures anytime from your own cloud.

TinyJPEG and TinyPNG

 compress images without losing quality

There are two tools specialized in the Advanced compression and JPEG images in PNG format. TinyPGN uses a type of smart “lossy” compression to reduce the size of your PNG files, reducing the number of colors in the image to need fewer bytes to store the data. An effect almost invisible, but it makes a big difference in size. TinyPNG alpha transparency retains your file completely. They contain an plugin to WordPress, and one for Photoshop.

TinyJPEG on the other hand, does the same but with JPEG files, as is expected, and is capable of reduce the file size by up to 70% without sacrificing quality naked view.

Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer is an online service with which you can resize, compress, and optimize images . You only need to upload the file, choose the output size, and choose from 6 different types of compression ranging from very small to the best quality.

Image Optimizer also provides the tool as a application native to Windows you can download for gratruita for personal use.


Mac OS X have ImageOptim a very simple but powerful application for compressing images, remove unnecessary junk metadata and save space. It allows you to compress multiple images at once, is completely free, is in multiple languages ​​(including Spanish), supports PNG and JPEG, and also is open source.


5 free tools to optimize and compress images without losing quality
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February 27, 2015

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