5 gadgets for smartphones that you can give away this Christmas for less than 50€

Invisible Friend, santa Claus, Magi… if you also feel that it is just the funds of the bank in these days of consumption at the discretion this is your final list: 5 gifts for lovers of the technology and of the smartphones you spend less than 50 euros.Since our mobile phones are more intelligent than us, we’ve all become professional photographers. Up to five cameras have some of our smartphones, to achieve portraits with a greater depth of field or a night mode until now unthinkable. The lens Pocket Lens not only has a design that is irresistible, but also fits in any phone -even, they say, at your MacBook-. you’ll Be the king of shooting wide angle and macro.Buy it at Amazon for 13,99 euros.did you Think that nobody used it? Well, you’re wrong: sticks selfie never left at all, and are now so technologically advanced that you can almost ask them to make you a coffee. With tripod, remote control Bluetooth, focus LED light to correct imperfections and up to 72 cm telescopic rod, sticks, selfie it’s not just ‘sticks’, but state-of-the-art compatible with almost all types of smartphones.Buy it at Amazon for 16,99 euros.we Already know plenty of the theories of planned obsolescence: our most beloved -and maybe expensive – the phone is not going to last eternally, especially if we talk about battery. If the hours of autonomy of your mobile start to shine by your absence, you have to make yourself with a portable charger. There are thousands of shapes and ways, but we will recommended this Power Bank wireless -you can also charge with USB cable – 12,000 mAh, which can charge the iPhone X 3 times, the Galaxy S8 2.5 times and an iPad Air more than one full load.Buy it on Amazon by 24,31 eur.Today the mobile phone has become a device that we can not take off, also in relation to the work. If you use your smartphone as your personal computer, you need a keyboard portable. This Logitech is the keyboard final to write in all the devices, including the computer, the tablet and the mobile. Connects to any of them via Bluetooth and is compatible with the operating system Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android and iOS. You can even link to several devices at once.Buy it at Amazon for 33,69 eur.A wireless speaker is a ‘must’ that can not miss in any home. And if above is resistant to dust and water, protection class IP67, has an output of up to 12W, the battery holds up to 16 hours, has a range of 30 metres and incorporates a small strap to carry it everywhere as the Sony, so much the better.Buy it at Amazon for 36,36 euro.If you have a little more budget, choose one photo printer portable to smartphone or tablet. There are many shapes, sizes, colors and capabilities, but in price-quality ratio, the winner for us is the HP Sprocket Plus. If you need to give away to a lover of social networking and photography, choose smart insurance! You just have to have the app and you’ll be able to print photos from your mobile or directly from Facebook or Instagram.photo Printer HP Sprocket Plus – Price: 123,37 euros.
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5 gadgets for smartphones that you can give away this Christmas for less than 50€
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December 24, 2019

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