5 gamers cheer you should see

The anime offers the possibility to discover new worlds, tell stories without restrictions, so it is no wonder they have series dedicated exclusively to the world of video games. Learn what every gamer anime should see are.

The world of animation href=”https://hipertextual.com/tag/anime” Japanese is so vast and varied that I usually say that there is adequate anime for each person, according to your tastes and interests . It is not surprising that there are many inspired by the world of video games series, and if you spend your leisure hours in front of a hero embodying a virtual world on screen, I’m sure you will enjoy these cartoons; because you can log in and relive those moments of tension, extreme happiness and frustration you experience with video games. The list is long, but I have chosen these anime gamers should see based on its release date, so if you know any that can go on this list, feel free to suggest it in the comments. Note that almost all are available on Crunchyroll.

Sword Art Online

It began as a series of light novels, but now has adapted the manga and anime, and even a video game for the PSP Vita . The story begins in 2022, when the devices featuring virtual reality game in which avatars can be controlled using a helmet called NerveGear, which stimulates the senses and makes you feel in the game ( gamer’s dream!).

At this time premiered a massively multiplayer role called Sword Art Online , which is very successful. All is well in the virtual world to the creator of the game appears and informs players who may not leave the game until they have reached level 100 and that if they die in the game, so will in the real world . From here they begin to develop different dramatic story arcs, hand in hand with the two main characters: Kirito and Asuna. Beyond the tension that can confront imagine what it would be enclosed within a game, with the real possibility of death, Sword Art Online raises the diatribe between the balance of the virtual world and the real ., the need for cooperation and the importance of the ties of friendship and love created in video games

log horizon

The premise log horizon is very similar to that of Sword Art Online, to the extent that both develop a virtual reality type game MMORPG, although They have their differences. The story begins when the game Elder Tale , which is now 20 years old and has been a success worldwide, introduces an expansion called Novasphere Pioneers and the 30,000 Japanese who were connected at the time of the update are transported to the virtual game.

In this world the vicissitudes of Shiroe and his friends, who form a group to deal with the opportunities offered by this new reality are developed . This series is my favorite, it makes a lot of emphasis on the different kinds of players and the importance of the guilds and unions, the structure to have a party and the role of each class, in addition to the strategies They must use to succeed , almost like a manual to play. If you play a MMORPG like href=”https://hipertextual.com/2015/01/blizzard-jugadores-wow-10-anos” World of Warcraft, enjoy much of Log Horizon.

No Game No Life

adapted to anime in 2014, No Game No Life tells the story of two brothers gamers who devote their lives just to play games ( hikikomori , as they are known in Japanese). Sora and Shiro are legends in the gamer world, but in real life are not as successful, because it seems a waste of time.

One day receive a mysterious email that challenge them to a game checkerboard pretty complicated but they win. After that, they are transported to a mysterious world called Disboard, with 16 classes in which humans can not use magic. This world is unique, because absolutely everything is resolved through the game. The brothers begin their adventure, trying to regain control of the world. No Game No Life is very interesting because it shows the importance of logic and reason in a completely gamificado world

Accel World

The author of Accel World is the same as Sword Art Online, so it is not surprising to find some parallels between the two series, and even winks as the mention of NerveGear. The story of this series takes place twenty years after SAO in the year 2046. There is a new tecología llamda Neuro-synchronization, in which players can use their five senses in an environment of augmented reality, connect to the network and access virtual worlds.

The protagonist is Haru, a chubby victim of bullying and low self-esteem but it turns out to be the most agile and fast player boy in school. One day he offered a secret program called Brain Burst, which allows you to manipulate reality, accelerating it. From this point, the relationship between Haru and Kuroyukihime, the most popular girl in school develops. Accel World has an incredible aesthetic and presents the viewer moral dilemmas, personal growth and the value of friendship, besides playing the point of the skills and tools that can be purchased with video games .

Gatchaman Crowds

At first glance, is a series Gatchaman Crowds more people ordinary to become heroes, but it’s almost the middle of the season that starts to get interesting for gamers. The plot of Gatchaman is set in 2015 in the city of Tachikawa, which is protected by Gatchaman, warriors who fight against the aliens coming to destroy the earth. It all begins when Hajime, a cheerful and innocent girl, joins the team of Gatchaman and his eccentric personality disrupts the structure of the organization. As I mentioned, in the middle of the first season made us think of a gamification as a tool to improve the world.


5 gamers cheer you should see
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