5 story behind the famous logos engine

5 story behind the famous logos engine

The badges adorn the vehicles are unavoidable part of automotive development. This is the story of some famous logos engine.

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The symbols representing some of the most important automotive brands have undergone changes and developments marked by historical events experienced by the Companies:


Mercedes-Benz began journey from the merger of two existing companies: DMG (Daimler-Motored-Gesellschaft), founded by Goittlieb Daimler and Benz & Cie, founded by Karl Benz . After the 1st World War, the German economy was shattered, which led to these two great companies create a union in 1924, and finally f usionarse two years later under the name Daimler-Benz.

Evolution logo Mercedes-Benz. Source: Logok

In 1902, the logo of Mercedes consisted only of the company name but a few years later, in 1909, introduced the popular 3 star ends. Its origin comes from a card belonging to Mr. Daimler, where he drew a star whose tips attributed the meaning of dominion over the earth, sea and air. But with the merger of the two companies in 1926, the logo of both merged into one, combining the three-pointed star with laurel wreath from Benz.

Over decades, the symbol has greatly improved both in design and simplicity, passing into history as one of the best performances of automotive luxury.


The famous German brand was created in 1899 by the powerful businessman August Horch, and originally was named A. Horch $ Cie. The problem arose when in 1909 he was forced to leave his own company and to stop using the name of A. Horch & Cie, so we had to find a new name.

Evolution Audi logo. Source: Cheerscreative

During a meeting at the apartment of his partner Franz Fikentscher, the son, who was in a corner studying while listening to the conversation about criticism. up company, came spontaneously the idea of ​​using the word Audi (listening in Latin “) instead of Horch. It was that Horch in German meant Hork (listening), whose Latin translation was Audi. One idea was enthusiastically accepted by the audience of that meeting. Thus, in 1910 the company was renamed to Audiwerke $ GmbH.

Two decades later, Audi, Horch, DKW, Wanderer brands merged to form Auto Union call. In fact, Audi logo we know today (four interlocking rings) began to be used only for racing vehicles as a symbol of the union of the four brands. While conventional cars continued to sell under the logo of each company until 1985, Auto Union became the Audi company we all know.

The current design of the logo emerged in 2009 with the four rings in chrome, three-dimensional appearance and shadows, while the word Audi is now smaller and a different source.


A luxury real company, created by Ferdinand Porsche that began its history under the name of Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH. In the beginning even manufactured cars under his own name and worked as a consultant for the development of motor vehicles. In fact, was responsible for the design of one of the most popular models of Volkswagen. The Beetle or Beetle

Evolution Porsche logo. Source: Teile

During 50s, Ferdinand Porsche was devoted to developing a company logo that got pick your location in Stuttgart and the dynamic and powerful image who sought to convey. And after several drafts, one of the factory engineers, Franz Xaver Reimspiess, designed the final, which included the shield of the city.

However, the founder He died before the logo was first included in 1952 in the Porsche 356. First was included in the management and from 1955 on the hood. A logo that unlike other brands, has changed little over time.


The history of the motor also have marked companies that have always been kept away Luxury, such as Renault, a symbol of French industry

Development of the Renault logo. Source: Famouslogos

Louis Renault, its creator He made the first car in its own backyard with just 21 years. And at such a feat, many companies began to Give you orders, which encouraged him to found the Société Renault Frères with his brothers and several friends in 1898. Thus, only two years after it came to light the first logo, which contained the initials of the three brothers: Louis, Ferdinand and Marcel. And soon after, in 1906, was changed to the front of a car in a gear wheel.

During the 1st World War II, Renault produced tanks for the Allies A activity that became so popular that the three brothers decided to change the logo again by miniature model FT-17 .

Finally, the current diamond shaped logo was introduced in 1925 and was undergoing changes until Victor Vasarely designed the present.


The word Yamaha has its origin in the name of its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, a Japanese entrepreneur who from a young age became interested in Western science and technology. In the beginning, the young Yamaha worked repairing medical equipment until it received a request to fix an old organ. That was the peculiar origin of an entire automotive giant.

Logos Yamaha and Yamaha Motors. Source:. Eicma

It was in 1967 when the brand logo was created, although it underwent a small revision in 1980. Seven years later, changed the name to Yamaha Corporation to commemorate the anniversary of its founding. Also, the symbols of the forks were removed to emphasize the word Yamaha, but in 1998 recovered completely. These tuning forks represent the union of the three pillars of the company: technology, production and sales.

Interestingly, there is a slight difference between the Yamaha logo and the logo of Yamaha Motor: the first keeps the tips of the forks inside the circle and the letter M with its shorter than the lateral sticks “backbone”. The brand also recently changed its official color from blue to red, perhaps to match the colors of the flag of Japan, but has never been confirmed by Yamaha.

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