’50 States of Fright’: Sam Raimi starts the new anthology horror Quibi with a discreet classic story

'50 States of Fright': Sam Raimi starts the new anthology horror Quibi with a discreet classic story

Just have a week of life, but Quibi was already in the waiting list of fans of the series a couple of releases key. The first to arrive was ‘50 States of Fright‘, a new anthology of horror supported by Sam Raimi. I tell you what … just start the thing.

Masters of micro-horror

The anthologies of horror are always one of the dishes more appetizing to fans of the genre. Much more interesting that an idea developed and sold, such as ‘American Horror Story‘, the variety of directors and themes, in addition to the possibility of relying on short stories of third parties to more or less classical, make them a safe bet, although always bearing in mind some blur in the history. Or ‘Masters of Horror’ or ‘Terror en estado puro’, two of the most memorable of recent years, were far from pristine.

Now is the time to drag the format to the new visual language. ’50 States of Fright’ becomes in the first series of terror of Quibi, the new streaming platform exclusively for mobile phones. And the move is smart, but it is still too soon to assess the series in its entirety, yes, we can enjoy the first installment, divided in three small episodes of just five or six minutes.

The series rescues 50 urban legends of the united States, and come written and directed by different directors and screenwriters. In a smart move, it seems that each one of them will come divided into three parts, so that we would go up to 150 episodes-micro-clips.

Fifty States Of Fright criticizes

‘The Golden Arm’, written by the brothers Raimi and directed by the creator of the ‘Posesión infernal“, is a modest and discreet starting point of a series that has yet to find its direction. Presented as fictions that re-create testimonials fictitious, but based on urban legends real, you still need an identity and a tone to something more consistent with what develops, since it is difficult to get out of the state of “anything goes”.

woman of gold

‘The Golden Arm’ starring Travis Fimmel and Rachel Brosnahan woodcutter and beautiful wife, the ambitious need of a lifestyle than a poor wood craftsman of the mountains do not have at their disposal. But what has not, it is what it invents. When a tragic accident required the amputation of a limb for Heather, her husband will try to soothe the depression of his wife, caused by the loss of their beauty.

Fifty States Of Fright Quibi arm criticizes

co-written with his inseparable brother Ivan Raimi, is the cinesta gives his view of the darkness and the appearances as has always understood, but now everything look so much cleaner than in the good old days running between trees. ‘The Golden Arm’ is a story that became popular in the united States thanks to Mark Twain. As the majority of the urban legends and the popular stories, the legend changed over the years and in reality no matter your geographic location, since the series starts in Michigan as I could have done in any other state in the country.

As I say at the beginning, it is still too soon to begin to assess this ambitious project of Quibi. Probably we find lights and shadows, with names more or less known, but not sure will all seem so girded order as a filmmaker who, perhaps, already tired to scare an audience that in reality is not afraid of anything. Of time the following story, by Yoko Okumura, will take us to Kansas to meet the ‘America’s Largest Ball of Twine’. We’ll keep you informed.

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’50 States of Fright’: Sam Raimi starts the new anthology horror Quibi with a discreet classic story
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April 14, 2020

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