6 Android curiosities L maybe you had not seen before

new Android Logo L

Android L has left us a few secrets and other keys so we could not see at the conference, but you might find more time now with air in between, to be able to put our hands on the latest news. There are few sites that have echoed all the details, including us, but we miss so many or not enough to mount an article about them. But what we can do is pick a few and make a collection as you have here, with few details that you will probably have gone unnoticed at the time to see and test Android L .

color patterns on the keyboard

 Color Patterns Android L

Do you want your keyboard you work together to design material, or otherwise prefer to remain as before and does not differ in this regard? You no longer have to worry because the keyboard itself you leave us, in the advanced settings, select the pattern we want to use.

Order of elements on the keyboard

 Android Keyboard Layout L

If we keep talking about the keyboard, we can also set two details on the order of icons on the one hand we can see that the input method icon happened to be in the navigation bar instead of as a persistent notification while the voice dictation button has changed position to be with the predictions.

Search within the settings

Search Settings Android L

Have any problem in finding an option in the list? Well now you do not have to worry, because you integrated settings has a quest that leaves us much easier to find options quickly.

New battery interface

Android Settings Battery L

The battery interface has also been improved for better: now we have more options and refresh hand, and can view data such as the duration expected battery based on our use. That and we can now see more information about our battery consuming applications.

Greater control over our WiFi passwords

Security Settings Copy Android L

Before we could choose if we wanted our WiFi network passwords stored beware with our Google account, which had courted controversy because people who were not happy with that were in the Google servers. Now that option has been moved to the initial settings, giving more user control over privacy.



Watch the video

So far, Google animations were pretty simple but nice. However, it also seems to change with Android L, because the boot animation are the four colored dots circling Nexus screen until the system is ready, and then those balls are the new logo of Android.

But this continuous

There are many hidden secrets that no Android L has probably discovered yet. If you know someone who we have not discussed so far, you can use the comments to spend the track and add it to the selection 😉

Source | SlashGear , AndroidPolice

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6 Android curiosities L maybe you had not seen before
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June 30, 2014

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