6 fabulous free tools for creating and designing web pages

6 fabulous free tools to create and design Websites

If you create your own website but do not know programming or design, we offer some free solutions that can bail out over an inexperienced that lacks the need to hire a professional budget.

We all love free stuff, especially if we are useful for our own projects. Anyone who has ever tried to put together your own site, either out of curiosity, to have a personal site, for work or for whatever reason, probably found with the reality of how difficult and costly it can be the project.

First, you should be clear that for professional results, you should hire a professional , but if we are an individual or group of individuals on a budget, but eager investigate, work and get it all on our own best, Internet offers many shortcuts to make things quite well. Today I want to share with our readers a series of websites that we provide free tools to design and assemble a website in the simplest way possible. Since facilities for creating a logo , free templates , and even an editor to create a complete website without programming skills.

Designhill Logo Maker

Do you need a logo for your business or company website? Designhill’s free logo maker enables you in creating a perfect logo design online for your brand in just minutes! Via our logo maker tool, you will be able to make a professional design online without even hiring a designer. We make sure that our logo generator is developed in a way not only to keep things simple for our users but also to deliver them with curated logo designs at absolutely free.

We have thousands of free logo designs and our gallery has a wide variety of logos for almost every business category. Your new logo design is just a few clicks away. Why are you waiting for? Start now and create your own logo. It’s free!


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Teplated offers a collection of nothing but 846 free templates and HTML5 CSS which you can download unlimited. All are released under a licencia Creative Commons , ie you can use and modify commercially even if attribution des visible on the web where you use one of these templates.

Maybe you could think that because of the amount and “free” templates were ugly or poor code, but you will be surprised to know that besides being very nice mostly modern and well responsive.


If you get nothing to your liking on the former site, you have another very similar in UP HTML5 , a place from which we talked about when we write about free resources for designers . This web as in Templated, we offer free templates HTML5 and CSS3 fully responsive, personalized, and under a Creative Commons 3.0 . Again, you just need to give a visible credit, and you can use them anywhere. This website does not have as many templates as above, but your selection is impeccable and all look fabulous

Squarespace Logo

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From this site you can very easily create a logo for your brand or project . Of course you can not wait to meet all the requirements that you had in mind, but it’s better than a potato logo Made in Paint with Papyrus and Comic Sans font. Squarespace Logo is a very simple place just type the name for the logo, and then an editor, add a picture and a caption if you want. You can download for free the logo in low resolution (400×400 PNG). But hey, it’s free.


Withoomph is another site for automatically generate logos . All you have to do is type the name of the brand and some keywords to describe the project is for. The tool generates aleatoriamnente combinations depending on what you wrote and offers you a choice of more or less acceptable logos you can download for free. Have some extra options to customize the colors and typography, nothing great, but with patience you can end up with something pretty decent.

Hipster Logo Generator

If the name does not you said it all already, as I explain. On this site you can create your own “logo hipster” . It is used quite a style that looks a certain way, using the same forms and what we see in brands “indie, alternative, retro, vintage” etc. Tools to create logos that have presented to you, this has to be my favorite, even the name sounds ridiculous. Hipster Logo Generator is very easy to use, and hardly going to achieve ruin the logo in bad taste, but anything is possible.


Strikingly is a quite powerful for anyone with no knowledge of design or development to be able to create a website completely responsive to quickly and easily tool. You can register for free or login to Facebook without even fill out a form, and once you can choose a template of pre-set to start editing and creating your own page. Accounts enough editing tools to customize quite the template, but with limits to not look very complex process.

6 fabulous free tools for creating and designing web pages
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February 20, 2015

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