‘6 in the shadow’: a show insane that reminds us why Michael Bay is the king of the action movie

'6' shadow: a show insane that reminds us why Michael Bay is the king of the action movie

Nobody, absolutely nobody, knows direct action such as Michael Bay. Since the shootings impossible of his debut film ‘Two policemen rebels’ to the robotic destruction of the large-scale saga ‘Transformers’, passing by the epic space of ‘Armageddon’ and, of course, by the massive ‘The Rock’ —the shooting in the showers remains overwhelming—, the amount of examples for reaffirm this maximum for the premieres.

This style itself —rather, mastery— when you move the camera, find the right framing, and to distribute and direct the movement in each plane, known as “Bayhem”, has been refining throughout his career to achieve perfection in a great ‘Pain and money’ that, in addition, is refined in large measure the excesses that have always been associated to his filmography.

With ‘6 in the shadow’, the film-maker in california is a sort of toy box unlimited with which to continue exploiting the formal pathway, and tonal, to a certain extent, the narrative, the film starring Mark Wahlberg  2013; and the result has been an insane orgy of action and comedy without any type of filter whose greatest weakness lies in the impossibility of enjoying it in a cinema.

Pure Bayhem uncut

let’s Start talking about clear. Those who wait to log in to your account Netflix, hit the play button and find yourself with a script is debugged, a construction of characters and thorough a tale brimming with intrigue and twists impossible, you can go forgetting. Because the delusional premise of ‘6’ shadow and its development are nothing more than a simple formality for what’s really important: give the respectable a show hipervitaminado house brand Bay.

This is very clear during the surprisingly long sequence introductory film, in which introducing the main characters to tweaks notably thick in the middle of a chase to the four wheels in the streets of Florence. As well, vehicles smashing together of all forms took place and for having, parkour, deaths, impossible, blood is gushing and a humor as memo as fun to serve as a letter of introduction to the film by action of the year in twenty minutes of myocardial.


luckily, the rest of their large —perhaps excessive— 128 minutes of footage, the index of the spectacle does not only does not decrease, but reaches unsuspected limits with two of the best set-pieces that are going to see our eyes in a long, long time. Special mention to a climax, magnetic —in all senses— that invites you to doubt that the budget of the production, “just” has been $ 150 million.

Taking it for the flag, and the levels of graphic violence unexpectedly high and a sense of comedy channeled through a Ryan Reynolds that is displayed each time more comfortable and a solvent in records of this style, ‘6’ shadow exceeds its committed to scaling jaws, entertain and amaze the most analytical with a free and outstanding.


it May be that your script is a real nonsense with a few feet and less head, that his narrative will feel like something syncopated and that, once finished, the festival ends overwhelming so cluttered and noisy, but to see who is able to land standing and without sweat after a pirouette as this if it is not the puñetero Michael Benjamin Bay.

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‘6 in the shadow’: a show insane that reminds us why Michael Bay is the king of the action movie
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December 27, 2019

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