6 interesting things you can do with Google+ Hangouts (video calls)


currently to Google’s most important product of his catalog is Google+ and will spare no resources to keep with the latest. As an example of dedication and work to get something really bright, Google+ has had from the beginning with Hangouts which evolve not stop (now have been combined with Google Talk ) and adapt to the needs of users to the point of becoming one of the best options for video calls and even surpassing matching quality and related to the field.

Today we review only half a dozen of his most interesting capabilities that everyone can have with just a Google+ account. If you do not know the Hangouts, you can find out with this step by step guide on their use and usefulness. Indeed, applications are mentioned here to open Hangouts window on the left side as simple colored buttons, if you do not appear, just click See more applications . If that is not enough, click + Add Applications .

1. Live Stream hangout everyone

 Live hangouts
If you have a conference, concert or any other event you want to transmit massive but not want to be a limit of guests, with Hangouts Live , a feature that makes use of the power of YouTube, you can do it live and direct with no problem. Just go to the Hangouts Live left side menu and follow the instructions Google+. When done, you can make available on YouTube a video of Hangout for those who missed it.

2. View YouTube videos and share with other participants

youtube hangout1
links to funny videos or music videos are commonplace in conversations via chat. Well, with the integrated YouTube in Hangouts can search for videos and make them play there, but the interesting thing is that what you’re watching (except the searches you do) you can also see the other participants on their screens. To use this feature, start the application from YouTube and click the blue button that says Add videos to the playlist .

3. Edit documents collaboratively online

docs hangouts
The application of Google Drive obviously have a reserved space in the built-in apps to hangouts and she can share already stored documents, edit them or create new documents (text, spreadsheets, presentations, etc..). Slideshare.net is a popular presentation is also integrated into hangouts, with your application you can discuss certain presentations available on Slideshare, of course, controlling the slide transitions (again, everyone else sees what you presenting).

4. Share desktop to present something or remote assistance

Desktop Sharing
No need to install desktop sharing software when you need remote support, with Google+ accounts with the basics to allow access to your computer from other latitudes. Interesting things: you can share a specific window, you can share the entire screen, you can display only (without allowing remote operation) and, like everything runs within the browser, you do not need others to have the same operating system as there is no greater compatibility issues.

5. Send a touch of TV news, add effects and hardware

hangouts effects
Google Effects and Hangout Toolbox are the two applications to enjoy dozens of effects and additions to give it some more life to the video call. With Google Effects you can add glasses, hats, funny sounds, accessories, etc.., With Hangout Toolbox can add a skirt (the stripes on the bottom type TV news ) with your name and occupation, add memes and share links, among other things. It commented that the effects are intelligent, for example, if you enable a meme or a mustache, this haunt your face.

6. Share files from your PC or from Google Drive

 drive google hangout
Google Drive is not only present as a tool to edit documents but for the primary use for which it was designed: to share files online. With the implementation of Google Drive in the Hangout can put all the files you want to share either selecting them from the file browser of Google Drive (the image) or by uploading them directly from their PC. Other users can access files and download them with just a “File >> Download” from the display panel.

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6 interesting things you can do with Google+ Hangouts (video calls)
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June 3, 2013

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