6 launchers Android the most curious


If you write “launcher” in Google Play the response is overwhelming. There are hundreds of them, and although top of the list will appear as old acquaintances Nova Launcher or Google Now, just who do you begin to find you scroll . with pitchers who have not heard in your life

This is great news for those who have an Android phone: endless possibilities of changing the experience and presumably better. There is a problem: the vast majority of these launchers are more of the same . You’ll be lucky if you bring something you no longer have in your launcher stock.

With that in mind, we have created this collection of six pitchers for Android that break conventional schemes that we are used to a lesser or greater extent. They are neither better nor worse, they are simply different


1. Microsoft Arrow Launcher

This launcher Microsoft started as an experiment in Microsoft Garage before being lanzado Google Play officially last year. It’s not the strangest launcher you’ll see on this list, but recognize that it is rather than to what we used to.


Coming from Microsoft, it should not surprise anyone that is designed thinking . in productivity instead of having several screens to include applications and widgets, has fixed screens themes : one for contacts, one for applications, one for work and one for calls and photos recent.

Arrow Launcher comes with its own icon theme (optional) and Quick settings that unfold dragging them from the bottom of the window. For reminders / lists, optionally integrated with Wunderlist.

Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher

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2. Lens Launcher

As Arrow Launcher, Launcher Lens is another experiment. Here it is one of the participants (and winners) Android Experiments I / O . In this case the pitcher is extremely simple: sample icons of all applications tiny

Touching the screen get the effect of” magnifying glass “ -hence the name- so you can find and open the application that interests you. You can set the size of the grid and icons to your liking, but other than that has no added features or options.

Lens Launcher

Lens Launcher 2.2.0

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3. Z Launcher

we Not yet know when we will have in our hands the new generation of mobile Nokia Android , but nothing prevents you have a small piece of Nokia on your mobile via your pitcher, Z Launcher.


Z Launcher is based on three principles to the unique experience: learn how you use mobile to offer applications that you need at every moment, allows you to search for applications scribbling letters on the screen and achieves all this in a very simple and stylized.

 Z Launcher Beta

Z Launcher Beta 1.3.8-Beta

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4. Yahoo Aviate

Another big company that wants to try to sneak into your mobile phone thanks to Yahoo Yahoo Aviate, a pitcher who has been with us desde 2013 and Yahoo bought a few months to see the light.


Tired of ordering applications? Aviate organize your applications into categories automatically and quite effectively. Its interface is based on, much like Microsoft Arrow, with a screen for favorite applications and widgets, one for application categories, one for fixed screens all applications and one for the Canal Intelligent , a sort of Google Now made in Yahoo .

Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Yahoo Aviate Launcher Varies with device

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5. WP 8 style Launcher

You use Android does not mean you can not appreciate the design of other systems. Proof of this is the countless packages of icons and themes based on iOS and the like. Well, Launcher 8 WP style is exactly that, a pitcher with similar to Windows design.


as expected, mosaic tiles-or, as he calls the charge application- special role in this launcher . The design is very resultón , and you can download extra tracks for a touch more colorful to Windows 10. On the other hand, the Spanish translation leaves something to be desired.

Launcher 8 WP style

WP 8 style Launcher 3.3.5

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6. Themer

Like customize your Android? One of the simplest ways is to use an installer with support for themes , and there are few pitchers who have as many free themes as Themer.


Themer is also able to automatically categorize your applications, but it does so well as Yahoo Aviate. On the other hand, sometimes store issues seems not to work correctly, avoiding you access the function star of this launcher.

 Themer: Launcher, HD Wallpaper

Themer: launcher, HD Wallpaper 1.93

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6 launchers Android the most curious
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June 26, 2016

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