7 applications for Live Photos, or similar, in Android


Live Photos is a camera present in the iPhone feature from the iPhone 6s. It is as simple as the camera keeps a small video clip before and after taking each photo, so that when you touch them “come alive” showing some of the context of each photo in a short video.

the concept of pictures that move , a paradox in itself, is not at all new, and there is multiple applications with which you can achieve an effect similar. The difference, as usual, comes in a deployment, better or worse.

Tired Photo of a lifetime? ¿Eager to take photos more animated also Android? Here are 7 applications to make animated photos as original, similar to a lesser or greater extent to Live Photos iOS


1. Some cameras preinstalled

Camara samsung the animated camera Samsung

Handset makers are struggling to keep their capa relevant customization, adding features they think are interesting (and some bloatware on the way). The camera is often ideal to try to sell the concept that your terminal is great for selfies or includes filters and would like Instagram excuse.

Of course, the animated pictures Live Photos similar to Apple could not miss (and even before there’s Photos Live). Samsung and has su own version of the “magic” pictures on the Galaxy S7, and many of their phones already have the animated GIF mode and animated pictures (as we have seen in the Galaxy S4 ). It is not the same, but almost.

Other phones where you can find this mode in Nexus 6P (burst mode), some terminals Elephone and if we go back more in time, it was available in 2013 to HTC Zoe in the HTC One is best to go to the camera app on your phone and examine all of your options. Is there no similar way? No problem, read the next alternative.

2. Camera MX

Camera Mx

If you are looking back more or less faithful how Apple has developed the Live Photos, Camera MX is the answer. This feature takes us from New Year’s Eve last year and called Live Shot.

To make an animated Camera MX you Live Shot mode picture, but from there you can use the camera as you normally would. Camera MX saved with your photo a fragment of video up to 8 seconds . To see how your photos come alive must use the Camera MX own gallery, but you can also share your creation with other applications (in this case, send video MP4).

Camera MX lets you edit your Live shot, edited precisely when it begins and when it ends, which is a nice addition.

Camera MX - Foto Camcorder

Camera MX – Foto Camcorder 3.4.202

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3. Gif Me!


GIF me! It is a little more away from Live Photos concept. Arguably it is a camera to create animated GIF , with several interesting options such as filters, stickers, text and frames .

In GIF Me !, when you press the shutter takes a succession of pictures that are then joined in an animated GIF with a duration of 0.71 seconds, but you can later change the speed to go faster or slower, well turn it into a loop.

When you have finished, you can share your creation with your friends in other applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook format GIF and MP4 .

Gif Me! Camera

Gif Me! Camera 1.61

QR Code

  • Android version: 2.3
  • Developer: XnView
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Photo

4. GifBoom


Arguably GifBoom is a kind of instagram based animated GIF . With the camera icon takes pictures well in burst mode, or manually one by one, with a maximum of 60 frames to create animated GIF. As in the case of GIF Me! You have a few filters to spice up your recording.

The result is up to the section social network application itself , where users can add their comments, saying they like or I republish. You also have the possibility of share your GIF on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr .

 GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera

GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera

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5. Graphica Live Photo Maker


Do not be fooled by its name, Graphic Live Photo Maker is not so much a clone of Live photos of Apple a very simple camera animated GIF . Basically you open the application and use the camera to take a photo, which then become more shots to unite them into a GIF animated.

Graphica Live Photo Maker is a very limited application functions (eg, you can not focus as you wish), but it is certainly easy enough to use in exchange for give very little control of the whole process.

Graphica Live Photo Maker

Graphica Live Photo Maker 1.2

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6. Phogy


Phogy is quite different from the Live Photos concept, but it would still be a very interesting application . Rather than record a short video clip, Phogy takes a “3D photo” using mobile sensors and … yourself, you should surround the object you are photographing. Phogy results are surprising and the result is very apparent.

The operation is not too complicated. You point to an object or person, after firing, rotate around it while to target. Phogy keep those pictures and join to show the results in a kind of 3D tilt changes mobile.

Phogy The only drawback is that it is too sensitive and recording for yourself before you’re done if you have a pulse of steel. When you’re done, you can share your “phogies” video MP4, although they are not as magical to see it on the phone, of course.

Phogy, 3D camera

Phogy, 3D camera 1.4

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6. Fyuse


Fyuse is much like Phogy. With this application you can create photos with a 3D effect style bullet-time Matrix . It is technically superior to Phogy as they can turn on any of the four axes as well as being more stable results and give you control over your life.

Fyuse also includes a component Social . From within the application you can see creations of their community user, explore what other users are creating the application, leave your comments and I like it.

Fyuse - Pictures 3D

Fyuse – 3D Photo 3.1.0

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7 applications for Live Photos, or similar, in Android
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February 25, 2016

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