7 the funniest webcomics available on the Internet

7 of the funniest webcomics available on the Internet

From an entrepreneur cat up a parody of Batman and Superman.

One of the great things about the Internet in addition to animated GIFs, videos of cats, and creepypasta are the webcomics . There are many talented illustrators who are devoted entirely to write, draw and share short stories as a caricature of all possible ways. Many are as famous as the great href=”http://theoatmeal.com/”>, and others are just beginning to be known. But, if anything they have in common is that they will give you many hours of laughter. Has been difficult to choose one each comic to illustrate how great they are.

I forgive that most are in English. If you have recommendations in Spanish, they are most welcome.

Sarah’s Scribbles

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Created by a cartoonist and illustrator of 23 years, Sarah href=”http://sarahcandersen.com/”>

Cat vs Human

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Written and drawn by a woman lover of cats,
Cat vs Human is on life when you’re a crazy cat. It’s hilarious just because everything is real.

That Deaf Guy


That Deaf Guy (the deaf uncle) is also an autobiographical comic about a man who is … deaf. Matt Daigle told through these little stories life is like when you hear nothing, a truly funny way


 batsvsupes 1

batsvsupes 2

 batsvsupes 3

batsvsupes 4

Although it is fairly new and I met through your cuenta Twitter , batsVsupes one of the funniest things you get on the web. It is mainly a parody of Batman and Superman, with the occasional cameo of other famous superheroes

Business Cat (The Adventures of businessman cat)

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Business Cat exists in a universe alternative where a cat is the CEO of a company. They understand that just completely ridiculous situations can get through this.

Cyanide & Happiness


Cyanide & Happines is a veteran webcomic written and drawn by Kris Wilson. There are hundreds and hundreds of these cartoons, and are characterized by a very black humor.



is another legendary xkcd comic born on the Internet. Adored by nerds of the world, his unusual humor, full of math, science sarcasm and do one of the leaders in terms of webcomics.


7 the funniest webcomics available on the Internet
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January 1, 2016

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