8 extensions to be more productive in Chrome

8 extensions to be more productive Chrome

The browser is always an element of distraction, discover how you can use it best to be more productive in Chrome with these interesting extensions.

The best invention after Internet browsers were the tabs of Internet browsers . Before, if you wanted to open another link you had, perforce, to open a new browser window and the truth it is it was a bit annoying, besides that this consumed much of the resources of our computer. In Chrome, this memory consumption is quite familiar situation but fortunately there are some tricks you can use and applications installed to prevent this from happening.

Although this browser is strongly criticized by the issue of security, the undeniable fact is that are so used to it, which is difficult to replace by another . Always wins us over with its functionality and with the variety of and applications that you can install extensions. And because we know that there is much to take advantage of this browser, this time we bring you a list of extensions for the ‘new tab’ that can make your time on the Internet, a time most productive .

1. Momentum

Become more productive in Chrome

Momentum It is an extension for Chrome that besides beautify your home page with beautiful pictures it can give you many more functions. For example, you can show an inspirational phrase to start the day; show the time and status of the climate by location you have chosen; and list of to-do . But recently Momentum has also added widgets Link . These links are fully customizable and help you quickly navigate to your favorite web pages.

2. Wunderlist

Become more productive in Chrome

If you are already user of Wunderlist, this extension to Chrome’ll love. Once installed, you must log on to your account and synchronize your data and each time you add a new task from the mobile, can view tab in Chrome and vice versa . In this way, you can quickly add a task or mark anything on your list. You can also switch between different lists to customize or add items.

3. Taco

Become more productive in Chrome

Information overload representing our email inbox may not be the best way to start organizing the tasks to be performed during the day and for this reason things like Inbox or SortD that help you organize everything in a better way were invented. But if you are already a user of Trello, a very good alternative is Taco, that has all the existing tasks in your Gmail, Basecamp, Asana, Todoist, Trello, Zendesk and 40 services; in one panel in the new tab page of Chrome. Organize your to-do list is as easy as drag and drop; You can also use the focus mode to eliminate distractions while you surf the Internet.

4. Prioritab

Become more productive in Chrome

Set your priorities for the day, week or month, and tenlas into account each time you open a new tab in Chrome. Prioritab operation is based on the principle that says “fails to organize and start working” because emphasizes the time remaining to complete a task . Although this tool is still under beta has important features that promise much for the future, such as the ability to customize the background color and synchronize your priorities between different devices.

5. Tabtab

Become more productive in Chrome

TabTab it automatically synchronizes with Google Calendar and Google Task to show your outstanding tasks; Weather and Yahoo to show you the weather forecast. Besides beautiful inspirational photographs, this extension adds lots of widgets, such as clock, daily news, search, weather, calendar and speed dial ; and you have the ability to customize the location and size of them.

6. Dayboard

Become more productive in Chrome

Dayboard is an application list that focuses on prioritizing daily work, so that to use must choose just 5 homework every day . Your day begins scoring the most important tasks you want to perform and each time a new tab is opened, Dayboard will remind your priorities to avoid visiting sites that may distract you and get away from your daily goals. For each task completed you can check your job history to view your daily performance through graphics.

7. OverTask

Overtask is an extension to help web users stay focused and be more productive while surfing through You can organize your information and provide suggestions based on the work you’re doing . Overtask manages the information used by the user while working on a task, to remember it again later if need. Optimizes workflow when working on similar tasks, and helps share a task with friends or coworkers.

8. Start

Become more productive in Chrome

Start It has unique characteristics. For example, displays beautiful wallpapers that change every day, shows the weather forecast, organize your widgets , create lists with drag, drop, reorder, displays message notifications for Facebook do not waste time opening the page, manage applications, extensions, bookmarks and history Google search shows the best tracks on Spotify day, notebook function that is automatically synchronized with your Google account; and much more


8 extensions to be more productive in Chrome
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June 25, 2015

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