8 site containing all the information that Google keeps on you

8 site containing all the information that Google keeps on you .

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Everyone likes to talk about the giant that is Google , we love to joke when we say that knows us better than our mother or ourselves. But leaving aside the jokes, the reality is less funny than you think. Even many of us who have spent at least once a privacy panel Google, surprised us when a few months or a year later discovered a new list of data that the company has started collecting not long ago . However, before calling evil the company should take into account that we accept all that crawling happily (well, not always, sometimes Google decides who can hear only without permission). Google does not hide the massive collection of data that does (or at least that makes us believe) actually gives you links so you can see everything for yourself and decide if you allow it or not.

Web and Applications

all information held about you Google

Google stores information about everything you want on the web, every one of the sites you visit, and all the applications you use on Android . The frequency, date, so once you enter do. You can see all the href=”https://history.google.com/history/?utm_source=sidenav”> here. You can see statistics on how many searches do per day, and site visits more. Only you can access this data (and Google, of course) and you can also delete the history


Google also stores information about all the dispositivos you possess, stores all contacts and applications you have stored on your smartphone or tablet, phone operator you use, and the make and model of the device . In fact, check the active status of the screen every day.

Voice and audio

google stored information

Everything you ever told Google Now it remains stored on the servers of Google , you can go to this link and listen again. Everything is organized by date and Google uses it to form patterns of your voice and … fuck that creepy. At least they offer the option to remove each item if you wish. “Ok Google” has probably hide certain things, like the fact that probably listening and recording all the time, not just when you activate.


YouTube also stores the history of all videos you watch on any device that you connect to your Google account. Save a link, the time and date. In another section of the record, you’ll also all the searches you’ve done on YouTube ever.


 google stored information

From timeline can “rediscover” places you’ve visited and the routes through which you traveled. If you let it, your devices constantly send location information to Google, so the company will have a complete history and detailed on where you live, where you work, what sites you visit most often, how much time do you spend on them, the . exact dates and times where you were in a place (or at least your phone was)

Everything Else

Google stores many more things:

  • The posts and comments you’ve made on blogs of Blogger
  • All events you have stored on the calendar
  • Your contact Google +
  • Your e-mails and your address book
  • Your conversations Hangouts (Gtalk)
  • Your Google Drive files
  • The documents you’ve created in Google Docs
  • All your pictures in Google Photos more metadata that Google draws from them to organize them intelligently
  • Your Google Keep notes
  • Your purchases through Google Wallet

There are more, but I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. Google offers a tool for download all your data in different formats, the number of things in the list will give you the best idea of ​​how much personal information you have stored on your cloud over the years.

Google however provides controls in its privacy options . From the control panel of your account you can stop most of tracking as long as you are willing to perdes its “benefits”. If you want, you can also tell Google to stop using everything he knows about you to show personalized ads.


8 site containing all the information that Google keeps on you
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December 17, 2015

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