820 Snapdragon performance leader is placed in AnTuTu, Exynos 8890 it is third

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The new SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890 Samsung have gone as high as expected of them in performance reports chip, competing directly with the A9 Apple and far both Kirin 950 Huawei as its predecessors.

AnTuTu has released its updated report to collect the premiere of the new chips, whose first models were presented at the Mobile World Congress 2016. the data graphics follow the patrones Version 6.0 so remember that since last December the measurements have changed to favor UX and 3D versus CPU-GPU duo and since then the scores are higher.

a trio matched

Qualcomm has risen to the number one table with its new proposal, which will be the most see this year between the top end because already using Sony, LG, Xiaomi, Vivo, Samsung or LETV. The Snapdragon 820 has managed to get 136,383 points in the overall performance benchmark, above the 132,657 now receiving the A9 and the Exynos 8890 129 865 .

 Snapdragon 820

We do not know any smartphone Galaxy S7 apart from the latter SoC, but while we wait to Helio P20 Samsung continues to merit to enter the fight between Qualcomm and MediaTek Android dominate. In addition, the result has far exceeded the tests with pre-launch prototypes.

As you can see, the list also shows the other two new Qualcomm 2016 Snapdragon 652 and 650 . They are traditional in design, with eight six-core Cortex respectively and no quad-core nuclei Kryo as 820, more GPU Adreno 510 in both cases. We already warned Kote Puerto Engadget that talking about the first of this cerebro for the ‘super mid range’ look good.

A GPU like a shot

Antutu Gpu

Qualcomm promised that the GPU Adreno 530 would increase the graphics power by 40% respect to the generation of 2015 and early indications are not going very misguided. The Snapdragon 820 nearly doubles in GPU performance to its predecessor and exceeds by more than 15,000 points A9 , which mounts the graphics PowerVR GT7600, and the Exynos 8890 with Mali-T880 MP12, which looks relegated back to third place by the minimum.

2K resolution is asking for more and companies have to hand it to not affect the overall performance of the phone. But perhaps the biggest change may come on when production and movement of polygons and 3D environments, that almost always ends up mean video games. If this hardware upgrade we add what is expected of the API Vulkan graphic could be facing a second youth in mobile games .

There are official measurements, which has taken the company itself, so you have to rely on data that are pure and are not altered by the diversos Benchmarks hacking tricks . AnTuTu reports that the recorded score for each chip corresponds to the average of the test carried out and not the highest of each case. But nothing better to do our tests when we have all these terminals.

The return to the four cores and the design itself seems to be working for both Qualcomm and Samsung (partially). Anyway, it is only a benchmark and differences between these top-level SoC are small enough to speak rather of equality surprising knowing that each has taken its own path.

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820 Snapdragon performance leader is placed in AnTuTu, Exynos 8890 it is third
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March 7, 2016

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