9 applications to make better selfies Android

Your selfies in Android had never been so perfect. Use these applications we recommend and the envy of your friends in social networks.

selfie was the word 2013 Oxford Dictionaries as a self-portrait taken with the camera smartphone that generally is shared in social networks . Two years so unique award, the selfies continue to cause controversy and have become established as a practice more common among the millions of smartphone users.

Although this type of photography can be taken with camera of any smartphone, certain applications ensuring provide extra functionality and greatly improve image quality. If you have an Android phone and are a fan of selfies, surely find interesting applications then we present

YouCam Perfect -. selfie Cam

Obviously what we all seek to see us take a selfie is super good. Retouching functionalities in real time href=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cyberlink.youperfect” title=”YouCam Perfect” YouCam Perfect – selfie Cam will make you consider your favorite. Supports photography and video. And besides beautify your face (correct eye, skin, wrinkles, etc.) well before taking the picture, there are also a variety of effects and filters built. The application detects multiple faces in the same picture, works with front and rear camera and has timer and flash, among other tools


CunPic incorporates a function called “dramatic emotion” to give the best finish to your selfie: softness to the skin and ocher tones of pink to add vitality. It has 20 options “dramatic emotion” and 30 different image filters. It is best that you can also send them directly to LINE, Facebook, Twitter, mixi, Instagram, Kakao Talk, WeChat, WhatsApp, Path and Dropbox.


If you like what vintage , href=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.venticake.retrica” ​​title=”Retrica to Android” rhetoric be your favorite to take selfies in Android application. Your filters in sepia tones make it unique. As in YouCam Perfect, with this application you can know how your photo will look before drinking. You can add signs and vignettes and choose from among more than 50 filters that offers the free version


Another application to add this peculiar retro to your photographs is RetroSelfie . This application is simple to use and thanks to the variety of functions would be able to add different frames to images you capture; allows you freehand drawing and add stickers on them; color balance, contrast and brightness to create beautiful compositions; and share your moments on social networks.


Sometimes the selfies also used to share the beautiful landscapes of the places where you are and the panoramic view It is only reached. What is also unique is the effect you can achieve with the application that we present below. Can you think would have happened combined into a single image captured photos with the front and rear camera of your mobile ? Share your best smile and feel of the beach, party or meeting with friends with frontback . To avoid be aware of what to press to capture the photo button, you can use the simple gestures that recognizes this application.

Calls selfie Cam

If you are someone who likes to mix multiple photos into one, the collages are your thing. Calls selfie Cam choose 30 different templates to create beautiful collages; selected stunning frames and color effects (black and white, sepia, pop, retro, rainbow) and add pictures and text. Post your creations on Instagram and Facebook in minutes.

Line Camera

In addition to his famous courier and video calls, Line also has a photo retouch application , Line Camera . Here you can add variety of filters and pictures with the main characters of the application. Luce always radiant using the Function Beauty to make an automatic correction and eliminate those little imperfections that nobody likes. Other features include: timer, collage, cut, text and post to social networks


” What is essential is invisible to the eye “is the premise under which href=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.linecorp.b612.android” title=”B612 for Android” B612 prioritizes harmony of light in all the pictures you capture, including those in which you are the main character. Use up to 78 different filters or let the application choose the right filter for your photo. Blend, add bullets, create beautiful collages or record your best times in 3 seconds and share in networks.

Candy selfie

Candy selfie grows in terms of downloads, at a rate of 2.4 million users per day. And if many users downloading, worth trying at least once. Real time filter that allows you to visualize how your pictures will be displayed; 100 different image filters to choose from, especially one of skin improvement, especially for selfies; edition of brightness, contrast, saturation and resolution easily and comfortably; crop, blur and effects; bleaching, stain removal, makeup (eyeliner, eyelashes, blushing functions, slimming effect) ; and more


9 applications to make better selfies Android
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