9 devouring battery applications on Android

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The Week last saw cómo the leading manufacturers of Android had different strategies to solve one of the problems that most affect us: battery consumption. Sometimes it is difficult to get last long but despite those modes highly durable and tricks that we all know, we always have to deal with reality: there are very greedy applications

<. p> Probably most know and will suffer in the first person how to open an application, be with her for a while or just have it in the background is synonymous to see how our battery goes down the drain. There are many but this time we wanted to choose a nine apps that punish the autonomy of our phones and tablets



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Historically it has been one of the applications that consume more battery power on Android. Eye, not only I speak from my experience: studies show that the official client for the social network is a black hole . Moves much data in the foreground and background so if we are of those who are hooked to it we will see how our battery disappears.

To some extent this is understandable but there comes a time where consumption is ridiculous. I had no intensive days of the application where it has been 11% full battery . The best solution? Uninstall Mobile and use the web version. Facebook Messenger, your IM client, also likes espachurrar empower our mobile mercilessly.


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Media players (either music or video) tend to throw much of our battery and us dry but Spotify, compared to other customers, came to a head some time . Background consuming and talk, eye, listening to music offline, doing streaming where the amount of energy you expend is higher.

When I go to play sports and I’m an hour with Spotify running and I become to the idea that when you go back to pick up the phone probably has between six to seven per cent less. This, of course, if I have not been as getting a handful of notifications more. Pity that the alternatives are not particularly attractive.


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There has never liked using Skype on mobile but for a while I use it as a third messaging application. Its use is very precise in my case but always does take between 6% and 10% , something else if that day I had to use it a lot. By the way, in my case the experience has always been text alone, with VoIP and video is still higher.

The main problem I found the application for Android Skype is that tend to losing connection quickly and sometimes loses much battery time and reconnecting to the server to send messages. In my case I’m using for need but my advice is to seek alternative services like, for example, Hangouts.

Candy Crush and company

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The games tend to consume enough battery, I believe that this conclusion is easy to get, but some more than others. King and Candy Crush and derivatives are not only addicted to sweet, also get our battery more than necessary. Long running in the background and Notifications and s that sometimes become annoying. Moreover, despite the simplicity of the game consumption it is not justified. Studies show it, I am more than Final Fantasy:. Record Keeper


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The GPS and navigation applications consuming: they are always on the screen, use connection a lot to offer all data … Okay, I can understand that the use / battery worth ratio but with Waze namely you’d better connect the mobile charger lighter if we reach some battery at our destination because perhaps we touch report the rest the application has blown.

Some applications of Samsung

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Some Samsung phones have running in the background an application to manage the NFC called Beaming Service. If you are not going to use best deactivate because it can make our battery powder silently. We will see little but without making much noise, we will gradually leaving no autonomy.

ChatOn I was a customer hungrier than helpful. Never triumphed among users but has snuck into a list of Android applications. Too bad you had to just finish on this one. A shame, probably nobody will remember though that once you put good ideas on the table but, you know, here they send others.

Google Play Services

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Yes, one of the pillars any Android device is also one of the most bullies our autonomy applications . We split though: it is obvious that being one of the most important services consume battery but Lollipop has shown that not manage well their voracious hunger and makes you consume more than they did in other versions

. connectivity problems, el famous memory leak … It is a problem that is still present and if we are not careful cause we run out of battery prematurely. The best solution is to wait for arriving updates to our devices.

The apps abusing wakelock

Android Apps wakelock Battery Detector

There are some applications that abuse of this feature. If you do not know, wakelock is to force the awakening of the processor to perform a task. Ie, do actions when your mobile is with the screen off. In some cases it is useful, for example, is essential for music players but other applications are abusing it.

The list is quite large and it is best to reviewing one by one all the applications you have installed used to see what actually wakelock and what they need to function properly. If you are curious, I recommend you to take a look at wakelock Detector of UzumApps. It takes root, though. Hace Recently I explain an easy trick for these permissions.

The official Twitter client

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Over time Twitter has much polished using the official tool for Android . However, it is not perfect and if we leave the default settings we meet every day with consumption about 5 and 10%. If you are to stay all day hooked and receiving notifications. What you will notice. Look is not the end of the world

For example, if better manage notifications to be updated only in the background we succeed less often spend less battery.. Still, it’s always good to consider using third-party clients. There are very good options that probably may know most: Falcon, Fenix, Roboid

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9 devouring battery applications on Android
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May 19, 2015

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