9 great ways to see Android notifications from your computer

Synchronize your life! Receive notifications of Android in the computer you work through these great applications.

The smartphones certainly have come to change our lives. Thanks to them, it is possible that a greater number of people to stay communicated with the world anytime, anywhere. And boy, get us out of trouble when it comes to labor emergencies. However, those of us dedicated to writing texts, among other professions know it is much easier to work from a computer from a smartphone.

Despite this, both devices must complement and not leave none of them unattended, especially when we are in business hours. So here we give a very interesting list of applications and tools that will help you view all notifications that come to your Android device directly on your PC desktop .

1. PushBullet

PushBullet is one of the most popular applications for this purpose. In addition to share files, links, text to the clipboard , etc .; You can also show the alerts for your Android phone on all your other devices. Its biggest advantage is the wide variety of systems and platforms on which it can operate: Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Windows, Mac OS X. Obviously for each device (Android, iOS) you want to connect, you must install complement or corresponding extension on the computer where you wish to receive notifications.

2. AirDroid

Another old is AirDroid , a simple application that helps us manage our phone with Android and also address notifications, according to’ve selected during configuration. Answer calls, send SMS and talks on Whatsapp from your Windows PC or Mac. You can even use this service from the website AirDroid .

3. LinConnect

Notifications for Android on computer

LinConnect is the solution for all Linux users. This application uses the notification system libnotify to display on desktop Linux all notifications coming to your Android . LinConnect works with all applications you have installed. But to use it you must install the client application and the server application, check out the following link to know how to install LinnConnect .

4. Nuntius

Nuntius is a project open source which allows you to receive Android notifications in the GNOME desktop , specifically in GNOME 3.16, the notification system has been beautifully redesigned. The application works via Bluetooth to ensure that nothing happens by external servers or stored online , this means that the phone will be a certain proximity of the GNOME desktop so the application can operate .

5. Connect KDE

When it comes to Android notifications on desktop Linux, we can not stop talking about KDE Connect . This application has already been gained ground when compared to Nuntius is a project still in its infancy. KDE Connect is a project that aims to communicate all your devices . You can receive notifications your phone to your computer but you can also use other interesting features such as using the phone as a remote control for your desktop. To accomplish this, KDE Connect implements a secure communication protocol through network. Currently there are customers KDE KDE Connect, Android and Blackberry, and soon also for iPhone.

6. Desktop Notifications

Desktop Notifications is an application developed as part of a research project in the group Human Computer Interaction at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. And therefore, download and use contributes to conduct such research. Desktop Notification uses a secure communication channel to transfer notifications from your phone to your computer web browser and also has a very nice and simple interface. To use the application you must download the plugin depending on which browser you use: Chrome or Firefox.

7. Notifications +

Notifications+ create specific profiles according to WiFi point from which you connect access. For example, you can use the job mode for notifications but not the content of the messages are displayed. Furthermore all your notifications are encrypted using AES256 GCM authentication. And you may receive notifications of more than one mobile in the same screen of your computer.

8. Pushline

Have you lost an important phone call to work with the headphones on? As with pushline there is no excuse. This app syncs your notifications from your Android phone and your Windows PC or Mac. Notifications appear instantly on your desktop and not any registration is required to use the application. It consumes very little battery power and very low bandwidth; it is also completely safe, because the notifications are encrypted and no additional user data is stored.

9. DeskNotifier

And finally we have a DeskNotifier, which like other applications presented here will help you show Android notifications in your PC. With this application you can filter the notifications you want to receive and allows connections via WiFi and USB , to share files from your PC to mobile and vice versa.


9 great ways to see Android notifications from your computer
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