9 series you did not know were produced by Steven Spielberg

American Gothic

The day 15, Netflix launches’ Stranger things, “a mystery series set in a village in the 80, in which a child disappears and where unexplained events occur. The glimpses we’ve had eight episodes have caused clear deja vu to the films of Steven Spielberg , but curiously, the filmmaker is not related in any way to the creation of Matt and Ross Duffer brothers.

Spielberg (which opens this week ‘Mi giant friend ‘) produces series itself through Amblin Television. Some of the best known are ‘ Amazing Stories’,’ SeaQuest DSV ‘,’ Falling skies “or” Terra Nova ‘, and his production is also very active, playing the most varied themes. In fact, the most common is that their two main leaders, Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank, are involved in series, a priori, do not seem very spielbergianas . Of these nine, for example, you might not know that Amblin produced.



Between 1994 and 2009, ‘ ER ‘was one of the great dramas of American television, and an important pillar of NBC programming. Steven Spielberg produced an idea of ​​Michael Crichton , which was adapted shortly before the movies’ Jurassic Park ‘, which showed the day-to-day emergencies of a major hospital in Chicago. The lives of doctors mingled with the budgetary problems of the center and the challenges presented by the patients, not always of a medical nature.

‘United States of Tara’

In 2009, when Showtime premiered ‘United States of Tara its creator, Diablo Cody, had just won the Oscar Best Screenplay for’ Juno ‘and his next job was this black comedy about a housewife with disorder multiple personality. The series, which lasted three seasons, showing how everyday life and the family of Tara were affected by their Alters ; Teen T, the pluperfect home housewife Alice and very male Buck. Cody explained in interviews that feels en permanent debt with Spielberg for the opportunity reoresentó this series, and have continued to work with it later.

‘The Borgias’


The historical drama is no stranger to Amblin Television. In this case, the company produced for Showtime ‘Los Borgia ‘, between 2011 and 2013. Created by Neil Jordan, had the intrigues of that family during the papacy of Alexander VI , the late fifteenth century. At the time, it was sold as a replacement for ‘ The Tudors ‘. Jordan wanted to finish in a shorter fourth season, but high production costs led to the chain to cancel directly.

‘The river’

Those responsible for ‘ Paranormal activity ‘television tried to move the subgenre of horror found footage the river ‘, the story of an expedition looking for a famous documentary filmmaker disappeared in the Amazon. The series did not pass the first season on ABC in 2012, and although he left some shocking scene, happened with more pain than glory for the grill midseason that season.



Robert Greenblatt and Steven Spielberg and developed this drama about the setting up of a musical about Marilyn Monroe when the first one was on Showtime, and at the time when he was named head of NBC, the project took with him . We all know how ‘Smash ‘; very promising pilot, and two seasons declining and popularized the term hate-watching . At least, he did have unas original songs truly remarkable.

‘The Americans’

the” pretty girl “of US criticism, ‘ the Americans ‘it is one of the most recent productions Spielberg’s company. As you know, follows a marriage of Russian spies infiltrated the United States to early 80s, whose missions increasingly put them in greater danger to them and their two children. The two showrunners series, Joel Fields and Joe Weinberg, claim that Spielberg les lends a hand when they have some difficulty to push through a scene, especially at the beginning of the broadcast on FX.

‘American Gothic’

Amblin is lately working a lot with CBS . Produced, for example, ‘La dome ‘and’ Extant ‘, and this summer has been charged with’ American Gothic ‘mystery drama about a wealthy Boston family who discovers the patriarch, now deceased, may be connected to a series of murders that go back decades back in time. It does not seem to be calling too much attention from the summer program anyway.

‘Public Morals’


Edward Burns created ‘Public morals’ animated by the support Steven Spielberg, whom he told the story while filming ‘ Saving Private Ryan ‘. The series is a saga of cops and mobsters in New York 60, in part, it is based on the own family of Burns, but although he received a rather benevolent criticism, did not get past the first season on TNT.


Spielberg, Frank and Falvey are also behind one of the premieres of CBS for next fall, ‘ Bull ‘. Based on the life of Dr. Phil, his protagonist is a psychologist who advises lawyers to prepare lawsuits, analyzing the behavior of the jury. Its main actor Michael Weatherly, who left ‘ NCIS ‘ this year to make the leap to a series in which he is the main attraction.

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9 series you did not know were produced by Steven Spielberg
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July 6, 2016

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