A band of music in your pocket with iReal Pro for Android

A band of music in your pocket with iReal Pro for Android

There are some apps that when discovered are indispensable. They are usually very specific applications to very ...

There are some apps that when discovered are indispensable. They are usually very specific applications to very specific niches of users, and are usually the best apps in its field.

All those who are dedicated to music (especially contemporary music) I guess you know the Band-in-a-Box, that program we installed on our computer and we generated accompaniment in real time in the most varied styles. It is a perfect place to study program, allowing us to change the tempo, tonality, etc …

In this line, for Android have iReal Pro


Pro, a band in your pocket

iReal Pro allows us to bring a band in our pocket with which to practice tirelessly. Perfect for any level, since the difficulty will choose you, and allows you to carry around your repertoire. You can also create your own exercises or topics

The operation is not complicated, and with a little practice you will master all your options. Near the left we have our list of songs, which can be ordered by Playlist. This is perfect, because we sort all items by codes or patterns of study.

To our left we have the score. At this point we should point out that the notes (no melody) can not see, but simply see the encryption of the song. There is a payment extension that allows us to see the guitar tablature or tabs for each scale. If we click on edit we can change any chord by another or change its quality. [ yout ube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4USbIQh5Gcw [/yout ube]

The playback menu offers a lot of options. We can choose the playback tempo. Perfect to study and work up the difficulty gradually. We may change the tone, to match the most appropriate version or easily transport a song to a specific tone and not have to do it mentally.

also allows us to blend the volumes of each accompanying instrument individually, so that we can mute an instrument. For example we will mute the piano luxury if we play the piano, so there will be no duplicate instrument. Please note that we are accompanying instruments. Guitar, piano, bass, drums, vibes and more, depending on the style

Finally, also allow us to choose the pace and style with which we accompany, being available: Jazz

: Ballad Swing, Ballad Even, Slow Swing, Medium Swing, Medium Up Swing, Up Tempo Swing, Double Time Swing, Swing Two / Four, Bossa Nova, Even 8ths, Latin, Latin / Swing, Afro 12/8, Gypsy Jazz, Practice
– Latin. Brazil-Bossa Electric, Acoustic Brazil, Bossa, Samba, Brazil, Cuba, Son Montuno 2-3, 3-2 Cuba-Son Montuno, Cha-Cha Cha Cuba, Cuba-Bolero-Tango Argentina
– Pop. Rock, Slow Rock, 12/8 Rock, Funk, Soul, RnB, Smooth, Disco, Reggae, Shuffle, Country, Bluegrass.

As we have already mentioned, you can edit or create our own songs, but the interesting thing is that from the same app have access to the application forum where users share song packs of all kinds. The community is very active and easy to find any song. 1300 package feature jazz standards, that for this style we play, we know what it means.

Finally, iReal Pro allows you to export topics Midi and WAV and print or export scores in image format.

The app has two versions, one payment (7 99 €) and a free version. Advise the premium version because it is a high quality application.

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