A basketball minigame hidden in Facebook Messenger

Fb Basket 2

última Facebook Messenger update was not just a facelift to dress the app design material. Also hid inside a small basketball minigame . And it’s not the first, since early March there other chess hidden in his chat that even has multiplayer.

To access each of them all you have to do is have the latest version of Facebook Messenger and follow one of two directions: 1) to play basketball, post a message with the smiley ball basket and then click on it; 2) to play chess, write and publish the message @fbchess play.

Learn minigames basketball and chess Facebook Messenger

The basketball, which is the newest, is the simplest of all. On a white background is a basket and in the foreground a ball. Dragging your finger on the screen pushes the ball to enter through the hoop in search of the highest possible score. No more.

the chess has much more crumb that replicates the actual game. The comments bar becomes a control panel through which to enter various commands. Not only starting, games, you can also choose opponent, the color of the tabs, undo a move, declaring tables or surrender. But it is essential that the chips are controlled by algebraic notation .

Fb Chess 2

Two small gifts that have little to do with the application, but they sure are there with any intention either to encourage people to open the app when you are bored to see if use or simply to talk about it is encouraged.


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A basketball minigame hidden in Facebook Messenger
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March 19, 2016

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