A benchmark of the Nubian Network Magic 3 allows us to glimpse a high-power level

A benchmark for the Nubia Network Magic 3 allows us to glimpse a high-power-level

The sector of the phones ‘gaming’ continues to grow, and Nubia is one of the brands that bet by him almost from the beginning. the Of its factories out of the Red Magic, the mobile devices for users to most gamers that have yet to be made international, but they already have three models in circulation and have a fourth on the way.

A fourth which, curiously, receives the number three.

The Nubian Network Magic 3, which we have already had any other information filtered and now seen in Geekbench sporting an impressive power-core that invites us to think that the cooling system is more efficient.

High performance and screen 90Hz

Nubia Network Magic 3

We expected that the phone landed with the Snapdragon 855 in his bowels, and every track that comes on the phone makes it think that we cannot go wrong. The last, the test of performance Geekbench showing this MSMNILE that corresponds with the Snapdragon 855, and that according to the benchmark runs to 1.78 GHz, the minimum power of the processor performance of Qualcomm to its group of core energy-saving.

In the test we can also see the Red Magic 3 tested with only 8GB of RAM, although it has already been leaked on several occasions that we would have a superior version with 12GB that, presumably, should offer better performance in tests synthetic as this. Be that as it may, the test has provided results that are fairly satisfactory for a mobile phone and a brain of range super high.

we Talk about to 3,513 points in the testing single-and 11.309 points in the tests-core, as we said before, should be even higher with more memory in the service processor. The phone is also shown running with Android 9, we assume that is masked under the cloak of the manufacturer.

Other features leaked previously from the Red Magic 3 point to a screen with 90Hz refresh, something far away from the 120Hz of the Razer Phone but still with a great rate to squeeze out the graphics of the mobile games. In addition to this is expecting a 5,000 mAh battery to provide an experience more prolonged before it is passed to the loader.

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The news A benchmark of the Nubian Network Magic 3 reveals a power of the high-level was originally published in Xataka Android by Samuel Fernandez .

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A benchmark of the Nubian Network Magic 3 allows us to glimpse a high-power level
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April 26, 2019

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