A Car2Go will get a competitor arrives BMW DriveNow

the carsharing is fashionable and brands know. German BMW could launch DriveNow in Spain, similar to car2go bet.

How would it be able to choose between a Smart and Mini to get around town? A few months ago the small and comfortable cars car2go landed in Madrid to revolutionize transport the city with car rental for small periods of time at very competitive prices. Now, Daimler, the owner of the company and the taxi along with Uber and Cabify sector has turned out a new competitor do not want to miss the party.

currently, DriveNow has only 4,000 cars but hopes to expand soon their units the war of the clones started with another German giant BMW, which has been told the Spanish, is studying the possibility of entering Spain with an equal service . But this time with Minis, a slightly larger vehicle, under the logo of DriveNow . The first reports indicate that the matrix is ​​already in contact with several municipalities, we assume that Madrid and Barcelona, ​​to study the best input option this project in the city streets.

And BMW not it is novice in this field. Already it has a presence in nine cities, mainly in Germany, with 4,000 cars in circulation. But for now, the power of Car2Go is indisputable: with 14,000 units already controls the market in thirty regions of Europe. However, the former has a long-term benefit; DriveNow born of the alliance with Sixt, a company car rental traditional that is present in almost all cities in Europe. This point could give the German a plus in terms of distribution of personnel, fleet and management without addressing new markets from scratch , with what this means for any company.

for some time we are seeing as major car manufacturers are realizing something very important: why allow other firms to innovate in the field of carsharing when they themselves control the manufacture of the fleets concerned? This is a very important for the business strategy of the big car step. Ford, Daimler and BMW have already realized this, and want to start taking benefits that go directly to their coffers, bypassing others.


A Car2Go will get a competitor arrives BMW DriveNow
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