A course ‘Chromecast Xiaomi’ Android TV appears in an online store

A course ‘Chromecast Xiaomi’ Android TV appears in an online shop

After the success of the Xiaomi Mi Box S, an excellent multimedia player that the brand sells internationally with Android TV, the relay of the device is starting to show in the rumors. And a new version could be modelled on the style of the Google Chromecast: with the form of a stick, HDMI, and reduced to the minimum size.

Android TV has been taking great prominence in the television-thanks to their capabilities to turn them into Smart TVs. And the best thing is that it is not necessary that the tele has the operating system included already that you can add with a small player. Among all the available there are none as popular as the Xiaomi Mi Box S, a compact device that offers access to applications, games, and most streaming platforms. So, being a best seller, it is not surprising that Xiaomi is thinking to renew it: this is what would show the appearance of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, a player with some resemblance to the Google Chromecast.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick: compact and with Android TV

Xiaomi Mi Tv Stick

The device of which you speak has appeared the online shop GearBest. This does not imply that it is official already that, for the moment, Xiaomi has not been submitted. Even so, would correspond with the first rumors about the quoted Xiaomi Mi TV Stick since we knew that china was preparing for the renewal of the successful Xiaomi Mi Box S.

Reduced to the maximum expression, with the form of a stick, HDMI to Chromecast and the Android operating system built in TV, a detail that is evidence of the international distribution of the possible Xiaomi Mi TV Stick (in China, the brand distributes devices for television sets with your own system). For the rest, and always taking as a basis what appears on the page of GearBest, the future media player HDMI would include 2 GB of RAM, 8 GB of storage, a four-core processor Amlogic S905 Y2, would be available to Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi, dual-band and not prescindiría Google Assistant.

The hardware of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is suspiciously identical to My Box S: it is quite likely that GearBest has used the same tab technique

Although the product is listed in an online store this does not mean that he really exists: despite the fact that rumors have long insisted, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick has not yet been officially presented. GearBest used to list products which have not been presented in order to improve its positioning when it is made public, a tactic that could be repeated with the aforementioned HDMI. Until it is official, we have to take the device with great caution. Including its possible price: in the store appears with a cost in reserve, 79,99 dollars.

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A course ‘Chromecast Xiaomi’ Android TV appears in an online store
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