A different way to view YouTube videos from Chrome


If we spend time watching videos on YouTube from your computer,

Playjack is a Chrome application that allows from any new tab, organize and share videos of our choice. To do this, we just have to integrate it into your browser and click the icon every time you want to use.

The interface is very attractive, away from the format found on YouTube, with a fresher look and intuitive. You have several options that we can consult for example, popular videos, as well as some suggestions. And to see a video of our interest, we just have to use the browser filtering search by artist or song name.

We found some interesting options when displaying the content, such as choosing full screen and a series of filters if we give a different look to the videos. If we listen to music without bothering to give play with each new video, we can choose continuous play.

We can create new playlists in a simple way, or add new videos to the lists we’ve already created. From the same interface can subscribe to channels that interest us, and some extra settings options like erasing the search history or reproduction.

Of course, it has social features that allow us to share our favorite songs with our friends across networks.

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A different way to view YouTube videos from Chrome
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August 11, 2013

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