A father’s fight against Google to protect the ‘miracle’ of the Magi

The father of a student in madrid who created a website for to test for the existence of the Magi the last year has enhanced the content favorable to their Majesties in Google, as it is argued that increasingly “the technology kills the illusion” of the smaller. The effort is motivated by a recent study that figure at more than a million children who stop believing in Santa Claus for the entries that appear in the search engine.This initiative came after that, last year, his 10 year old daughter will comment that a professor told him that andran the parents who made it possible for the miracle. Gabriel Cross, is called the father, denied such an end and, tired of the ‘false news’, decided to launch this website.In the web page losreyesmagosexisten.com, this journalist has opted for “keep the magic Kings day”.”early access to mobile phones and tablets causes many children to lose the illusion in figures such as the Magi,” commented Cross.The promoter of the initiative makes reference to the result of a company report of test school Exam paper, created by several teachers, in which it is concluded that “Google is crushing the illusion of 1.1 million children”. “The illusion of the smaller, built over his childhood, and erased in a single click”, says Gabriel Cross.To do this, the web tries to justify why the Kings exist with a reasoning closer to our time. For example, in the page answers the question “How do you know the Magi at how we have behaved?” the simple answer is: through Big Data.A year ago, this father, began to gather evidence of the existence Kings to show that it is precisely the “untrue report” is to doubt them.On its website includes reports of how the distribution of gifts, information on its history and documentary information, interviews with officers of the National Police on how to protect the security for that day to not have incidents during the distribution of toys.
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A father’s fight against Google to protect the ‘miracle’ of the Magi
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January 5, 2020

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