‘A fold in time’ is a silly well-meaning that in addition to worn out by his excesses, visual

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Disney it takes years to dominate the world of cinema, and does so primarily by the strength of franchises like Marvel and Star Wars, or the great pull of their animated features, or Pixar. It is increasingly rare to give the green light to any production out there that is not already a sequel of another title success. Everything that is out there it is difficult to get ahead, hence which ‘A fold in time’ (‘A Wrinkle in Time’) it can be seen as a risky move on their part.

it Is true that ‘A fold in time’ part of a popular novel that ended up being the start of Madeleine L’engle which ended up consisting of five deliveries. I know that Disney will move forward with the sequel if the first enjoys the expected success, but for my part I have little interest in that happening. I can not say that we are at a loss of time, but it does speak of a foolish good natured where the visual is just eating everything else.

When good intentions are not enough

Scene in A Fold In Time

In the screening of the film to which I have had the opportunity to attend has been included in a previous message of Ava DuVernay he wanted to make clear that it had been done focusing completely to children of 12 years and that he hoped that we could find that was in our interior to be able to connect with the film. It is true that ‘A fold in time’ is focused on the child audience, but that should not be an excuse to accept anything.

to put it more clearly, ‘A fold in time’ know what you want but not how to do it in a way successful when the time comes that the magic of the universe to gain presence and go going steadily more until reaching a final decaffeinated that includes all the elements that one would expect from a tape -including the mythology presented previously quite failed in the script Jennifer Lee and Jeff Stockwell– as well but presented a very little challenging.

Image of A Fold In Time

The problem in such cases is that the indisputable part of his message, focused on the power of love with a good dose of female empowerment, should not be used to hide a script with a clear tendency to the schematic relies too much on the effectiveness of certain scenes is enough for that by the mere fact of bringing them together is already going to the nail of wonder.

In reality the opposite happens, just neutralizing the force that might have those scenes, and at certain times it verges on the ridiculous. This last point was something that I had some fear from the appearance of the first breakthroughs. If everything fit in its place that bet visual, where there is space for some of the designs that did not end up going well for the eyes, should not be an obstacle to it, but DuVernay is left to eat for the message you want to convey and the visual effects.

‘A fold in time’ not worth the effort

Oprah Fold Time

Already in ‘Selma’ the message of the movie had a great importance, but you could tell he was behind a careful job of setting the scene and a clever utilization of your deal. Here that disappears almost completely, opting for a functional address during its first act and then don’t end to know very well what to do with the ingredients you have at your disposal. it Gives you the feeling of being overtaken at that point.

All this leads to a requirement to have to let you carry at all time so beautiful are the images -or they believe themselves to be – and by the power of the physical journey and emotional development of your protagonist. To this respect it is worth noting the effective interpretation of the young Storm Reid, the better of a deal in general lines just sinning by excess when dealing with their characters.

beyond that we have a story, very colorful that will probably connect with the children of the house, at least with those who still retain the ability to allow oneself to be hypnotized by the proposed visually the movie and limit to just falling for what the movie without knowing how it does it. But there is that making too many concessions to be able to enjoy with her.

In short, ‘A fold in time’ is a film that has a clear goal but don’t know how to run it. Too trusting in the good that may be certain moments rather than spoil the details for everything to work and ends up losing to a spectator who arrives exhausted to a final stretch that lacks that punchy emotional that both crave. the At least it is not especially boring and you don’t feel that you have wasted something less than two hours, but that is a sad consolation.

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‘A fold in time’ is a silly well-meaning that in addition to worn out by his excesses, visual
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March 7, 2018

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