A new jailbreak comes to iOS: this is the ‘hack’ that lets you jailbreak any iPhone

When they reached the first iPhone, in the market of phones, there was the idea that every man could do with his ‘what I wanted’. But the company of the apple has always been theirs: from the beginning, iOS has been a closed system that limits the user’s actions and not allows you to access the administrator account.

he was Born then a hard desire for ignoring the constraints, and thus appeared the famous jailbreak: a tool that overrides the locks in the system manually, and that allows you, among other things, to install applications outside the App Store, make changes not authorized by Apple, or delete the programs that come pre-installed by default in your mobile phone.

for the record That this it also happens with the devices Android, although in this case we speak of ‘rooting’ the operating system.

Although the interest in ‘hack’ the devices has dropped quite a lot compared with a few years ago, now the well-known group of hackers unc0ver Team, specialized in this technique, has just announced that the first jailbreak compatible with the latest version of Apple, iOS, 13.5, is now available. This update was submitted just five days, the last may 20.

The ‘hack’, which works for both iPhone and iPad, uses a vulnerability in zero-day of the Kernel that has to do with the process responsible for maintaining the security of the sandbox of the applications. So, this software, that already goes by the version 5.0.1, allows you to perform jailbreak all devices running iOS 11 or higher.

As in all those tools or processes which go outside of what is official, strongly discourages the use of this jailbreak, which involves many risks to your privacy and security: are you leaving open the doors of your whole private life, personal, social and economic potential criminals. In addition, you could load your smartphone just released and on the other hand quite expensive, so it is better to do the experiments with gaseous…

Surely the Cupertino are already working on it and in the next few days we would see an iOS version 13.5.1 or similar the fix this error.

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A new jailbreak comes to iOS: this is the ‘hack’ that lets you jailbreak any iPhone
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May 25, 2020

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