A new thymus viral causes havoc amongst the users of WhatsApp

A new scam online is running like wildfire, wreaking havoc among the users of WhatsApp. According to reports The World, the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), under the Ministry of Economy, has issued a warning of “high importance” on the latest scam ‘hosted’ in the famous messaging app instanténea. It is a message that has been viralizado through the app in which a link appears that invites the user to participate in an exchange of money collective.The hoax involves a message, which gets forwarded from a reliable contact in WhatsApp, which ensures that if you are exchanging 33 euros with other friends, you will receive 1848 functioning a week later.The message redirects to an external website with a video in which a young man explains that “this is not a hoax nor a scam pyramid” but of a system of solidarity in which the users make gifts to others and all will benefit. In this way, by making a gift to another person, it has to repeat the operation with another family member or friend, and forward the message to two more people.From the agency recomiendan, “pay close attention to all the information that we receive via the internet, but especially through instant messaging programs and social networks”.
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A new thymus viral causes havoc amongst the users of WhatsApp
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October 30, 2019

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