A new way to use your smartphone with one hand. Samsung’s patent


In the smartphone market lately there is a trend of make phones with big screens, many times larger than our hand can get a handle correctly . These screens over five inches are ideal for browsing, viewing videos and playing games, but there are times when you lose a couple of seconds to do something with a smaller screen would have no problems.

The Galaxy Note that the device was made fashionable this race for size. While it is true that the use of S-Pen makes our hands have less importance, use by smaller hands who had had to be solved with reduced special interface.

Samsung still thinking a way to accommodate that size for all and shows a patent specially designed to interact with large screens with one hand. According to this patent, the system enables a comfort zone basically that area in which the thumbs reach. Applications, icons and widgets would be reduced to conform and work with that area. The patent is also intended for use at various angles and landscape mode.


A very good idea that does not reduce the window size as in the Note3 . The patent is simply a set of ideas that is currently not implemented in any device. The requisites for this should be explored by application developers, but still a very interesting idea.

The gestures as these special areas and molded on your fingers are an via explore which can be a major breakthrough in the way are designed as the mobile interfaces. Do you think that will come to fruition?

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A new way to use your smartphone with one hand. Samsung’s patent
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