A photographer named Leonard Nimoy

A photographer named Leonard Nimoy

Although he was best known for his role as Spock in Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy was also found associated with other arts, including photography.

meets almost a month after the death of Leonard Nimoy , which was popularly known for his role as Spock in the legendary franchise Star Trek . However, after Nimoy much more to the interpretation of a character from science fiction, was also related to other fields, and one of them was to photography .

Poetry , photography, music, or even advocate gender equality. The death of Leonard Nimoy did not involve only the loss of an icon on the big and small screen, but also in other arts as mentioned above.

Our point in this post is his role as photographer, which is well gathered by R. Michelson Galleries on your page, but still keeps going unnoticed by many people

Its beginnings as a photographer

 Leonard Nimoy Photo Project

According Nimoy said in an interview by The Tech , his passion for photography started when I was about 10 years , although it was not until later when I really began to develop work with a well-defined theme.

In fact, the motivation for the image will take you to 1970 a study at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a photographer Robert Heineken , an artist with a film way of working, since rarely been seen with a camera. In fact, he referred to himself as “parafotógrafo”, and tried to go beyond the merely conventional in photography, exploring taboos as sex , which is also reflected in his student, Leonard Nimoy .

Since then, the author will start shooting occasionally. However, despite already made some series, it was not until 2002 when Nimoy engaged in a more exclusive to this area.

Initial Projects

leonard nimoy

Almería in 1971

This first stage will be characterized by scanning the author. Nimoy is a photographer who spontaneously use its powers to freeze several times or even people. However, the proven quality had nothing to envy to the artists with a long history in this area, something due to early contact Leonard photography.

took advantage of the breaks between filming to take pictures

During its inception leverage to portray those settings where he was working as an actor, taking advantage of the breaks between filming to take images. For example, the film adaptation of “Fiesta” (“The Sun Also Rises” in English), a novel by Ernest Hemingway . So, Leonard was even photographed Spain , specifically the city of Almeria in 1971, during the recording of western “Catlow” .

On the other hand also done some work as “Hand Series” (1980-2000), where the author will demonstrate their sensitivity to the natural way to draw the figures of hand applied in different situations. A later attempt to resume tenderness with “Black and White” (1990-2000), where he played with the contrast created by figures with black and white colors.


In this Nimoy occasion attempt to show that beauty is not only found in the heavenly bodies of his previous work, but can be expressed in many ways. To this end, he chose the members of a group called “The Fat-Bottom Revue” , which stood out for overweight and be contrary to the canons of beauty imposed on our society.

Still, snapshots intended to give the impression that beauty is subjective , which Nimoy show imitating classics like “The Three Graces” Paul Rubens (among others) or “Dance” of Matisse.

Secret selves

His last work was “Secret selves” , which was introduced in 2010 and was inspired by Greek mythology . It was based on the myth of soulmate, in which Aristophanes believed that men in their beginnings were complete until they were divided by Zeus into two halves, causing a feeling of emptiness in these and the need to search your other hand.

Therefore, Leonard Nimoy grouped to 100 from different social classes to ask them what they wanted to be, and trying to show “the other half” of what they were trying to find that part that usually hide the reality

Image Credits and documentation . Leonard Nimoy / R.Michelson Galleries


A photographer named Leonard Nimoy
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March 25, 2015

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