A review of the evolution graphic of the video game based on Captain Tsubasa

Starting in 1988, analyses the technical changes and playable has been the adaptation of the famous manga and anime focused on the sport that will soon have a new delivery.

Captain Tsubasa, the popular manga and anime of football in Spain, met as the Oliver and Benji, has a long tradition in the world of video games. The license it takes from the end of the eighties, releasing games of all kinds. Unfortunately, not many of them came to our land, staying up as genuine oddities, staying only in Japan. Now, building on the success of the recently announced Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, Andrew Louis, through its channel of YouTube, draws up a detailed journey through the saga.

The evolution graph of the games of Captain Tsubasa

The saga has gone through different consoles and formats, experimenting with designs and trying to capture the spectacular pace of the anime based on the manga by Andōichi Takahashi. From the first games that sought to recreate the games arcades with the limitations of consoles and desktop computers of that time to the explosion of the license in the mid-nineties, with graphics becoming ever more detailed and similar to the tv series. Irrupción of consoles with 3D capabilities forever changed the conception of the saga, it does fit with the whole of the law the adventures of Oliver and Benji. Beyond the new video game will come to consoles in a few months, and without the current game to smartphones, remember that these athletes will test also lucky in the augmented reality.

All the games of Captain Tsubasa that appear in the video

  • Captain Tsubasa Evolution
  • Tecmo Cup Soccer Game 1988
  • Captain Tsubasa Vol. II Super Striker 1990
  • Captain Tsubasa VS 1992
  • Captain Tsubasa III Koutei no Chousen 1992
  • Captain Tsubasa IV Pro no Rival Tachi 1993
  • Captain Tsubasa V-Hasha no Shougou Campione 1994
  • Captain Tsubasa J Get In The Tomorrow 1995
  • Captain Tsubasa J The Way to World Youth 1995
  • Captain Tsubasa J-Zenkoku Seiha e no Chousen 1995
  • Captain Tsubasa Eikou no Kiseki 2002
  • Captain Tsubasa Aratanaru Densetsu Joshou 2002
  • Captain Tsubasa Ougon Sedai no Chousen 2002
  • Captain Tsubasa 2006
  • Captain Tsubasa New Kick Off 2010
  • Captain Tsubasa Dream Team 2017
  • Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions < / i>2020

The new and expected video game that comes to consoles and PC

Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions is more than 10 years after the last time you launched a game for the console desktop. Offering a graphic spectacular which makes use of the technique cel shading, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions want to give us a proposal for arcade and direct, encounters with fast and dynamic, in which the characters most mythical of the series will make an appearance on the lawn. In Vandal we have already had the opportunity to try the game, and we invite you to read our impressions a few days Ago, os confirmábamos the landing with the launch of a large number of official accessories by FR Tech.

a Review of the evolution graphic of the video game based on Captain Tsubasa

A review of the evolution graphic of the video game based on Captain Tsubasa
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January 27, 2020

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