A Spanish photographer captures the passing of the comet Neowise in a sky full of satellites of Starlink

The comet Neowise has been for the last few weeks the protagonist space of the season, stealing covers even the queen undisputed of the heavens of summer, the Perseids.

last Night we had the last opportunity to contemplate the phenomenon astronomical, but days ago that the social networking have been full of snapshots, showing it in all its glory. At least some of them.

on Wednesday, the astrophotographer Spanish Daniel Lopez shared a picture of the comet that is causing a lot of buzz: it is a composition made with 17 photos of 30 seconds each step of the Neowise for the sky Canary islands and controversial of the matter is that it is riddled with satellites Starlink, the project of SpaceX to achieve a satellite internet on a global scale.

“A last and worth seeing spend all those points of light, in total, nearly 20 images of the comet show traces”, said in the post Facebook photographer. This is the image:

To date, SpaceX has launched into orbit 540 satellites as part of its efforts to bring internet of high speed in all over the world, but you have permission to launch of around 12,000 in total and has recently requested approval for another 30,000 more.

If the image is shared by Lopez is the sum of 17 photographs taken with an exposure of 30 seconds each, on a video time lapse also shared by the photographer can be seen that the presence of the satellites is almost constant while crossing the comet. In particular, they appear in 25 of the 34 images used in the video, according to its author.

All the pollution of the sky space has been the subject of criticism by the world of the astronomy, because they are a problem not only at the level of light -the artificial light is beginning to contaminate the edges of the planet, but also technical, since astronomers are faced with challenges when these satellites appear and pollute the images taken of the universe.

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A Spanish photographer captures the passing of the comet Neowise in a sky full of satellites of Starlink
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July 24, 2020

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