A third of the Spanish states that you have ‘hacked’ the mail or that have leaked your personal data

Three of every four spaniards claims to have suffered intrusions, serious, sensitive personal information in the last two or three years, according to a survey conducted by instituto DYM together with WIN International that examines the beliefs, attitudes and opinions in the technology around the world.

Among these violations of privacy include criminal activities such as hacking e-mail and the bank account or the leakage of personal data in the network. 75% of respondents to Spanish claims to have suffered at least one of these three situations in the period of time indicated, a percentage that is much higher than the average of other countries participating in the research, which stood at just 29%.

The answers are to Spain as the country that has most suffered from this misuse, and aggressive of their personal data from all respondents, ahead of States such as the united States, Australia, Canada or France.

however, before actions are more everyday and less invasive as receiving junk mail (spam) or phishing (phishing) the tables are reversed. While 61% of participants claim to have experienced at least one of these two situations (37% in the case of the spam, and 24% in the phishing), this percentage reached only 21% in the case of Spain.

In the same way, only 20% of spaniards said that they did not have suffered any improper use of your personal information on the internet compared to 44% at the global level.

Another of the conclusions that emerge from the research is that the Spanish are more likely to provide data on its location to digital services than other nationalities. Thus, 62% of respondents in Spain recognizes share this information and 20% do so very often or almost always, a proportion that is in the 53% at the global level.

For groups, they do so more often men than women (69% versus 55%) and young people of increasing age, a pattern that is repeated regardless of the nationality.

Also, the services the more likely it is that they allow access to the location are the navigation and maps (67%), followed at some distance by the sale online (55%) and market research (52%).

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A third of the Spanish states that you have ‘hacked’ the mail or that have leaked your personal data
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