A Top 10 app from the App Store Spanish steals your password Instagram

A Top 10 app from the App Store Spanish steals your password Instagram

InstaAgent, an application to find out who visits your profile Instagram, is stealing the passwords of its users and publish on its behalf.

Bad news for the users who have downloaded, and also for Apple, who has cast him an evil application in the App Store. And what’s worse is being quite slow to take action. It is the InstaAgent , an application that connects to your Instagram account to show the profiles that have viewed this profile.

I fell. By that will try everything out, see if I could give a credible outcome, what kind of argument used to being able to pass the filter of the App Store and safety InstaAgent published images your name without permission and send your password unencrypted external server. that in the worst case could revoke access this application. Since it comes with a guarantee that Apple has approved the app, what could happen? Go if it happened. And in fact, several people in my timeline Instagram are equal, I have also come to see the same picture published by them.

What makes this application once remember your password It is show you a list of users (ie on what basis), and as little else can do for you at this time. A few hours later, he posted a picture on my profile advertising application itself, of course without my consent or ask somehow. At that moment everything began to smell me wrong. Not just because he published the image, but also because the permissions requested at the time of settling, at no time said nothing to publish images. And indeed, I dreamed that this “feature” was not allowed by Instagram.

I agreed to the website of Instagram, I started meeting and revoke access this application. “End”, I thought. No. Today returned to tell me that it happened again. This was too much. Time to change the password. Luckily, all my passwords are different and generated 1Password, so he ran no. danger that the creators of the application could have my password for other services

If you too you installed this application and gave him access to your Instagram account, the steps are simple now:

  • Go to the web of Instagram, and from there to the management applications. Revokes access to InstaAgent and, incidentally, all applications you no longer use or not you are familiar.

  • Change your password Instagram. And if you can close the circle: that all your passwords are different, and using a manager as 1Password and LastPass

In the App Store Spanish figure now in the top. 10 between applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, the iWork suite and company. In other regions, such as canadiese, has become the most downloaded free application.

As explained in MacRumors, a developer decompiló InstaAgent and found that Indeed, you are sending passwords that users provide him without any encryption to a remote server. His conclusion, shattering. “The first malware in the App Store with half a million downloads.”

Google has already removed InstaAgent of the Play Store, but still remains in the App Store at the time of this writing

Update.: Apple has removed the application from the App Store, twenty minutes after the publication of this article.


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