A walk through the ‘Jungle Book’ and the life of its author, Rudyard Kipling

A walk through the ‘Jungle Book’ and the life of its author, Rudyard Kipling

The prolific author Rudyard Kipling in 1894 published’ The Jungle Book ‘, a timeless text that always, every time, has much to offer.

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Delving into the pages of ‘Jungle Book’, ‘Jungle Book’ or also called ‘The Book of the Wild‘ is an experience that just leave you amazed, and hardly anyone will be free to find deeper meanings in those stories that talk about a “human puppy” raised by wolves in the dense jungle in India.

Its author, Rudyard Kipling, is an author with less glory than perhaps his lyrics deserve. This goes back to their political and ideological positions in favor of the British Empire and that, in view of the Liberals, was not liked by the New Times and his work was the one that received the blow of disrepute. However, it is undeniable quality of his prolific work and, in this case, a book that personally excites me as few things in the world.

“Whenever Baloo recites the Act does singing “

Mowgli is a word that means” frog “that, in view of all the majestic creatures that live in the jungle, describes the fragile-looking, hairless, the human who was found by Father Wolf and Mother Wolf, Raksha. To understand what happens in the stories, if they have not read the novel, it is necessary to mention the famous Disney based on this work of Kipling, since the text find characters seen in the animated film, (the last under the coordination of the very Disney) abysmally darker, complex … wild. And this is no other complaints about the best thing is a novel about the film, since no has importance, but an opportunity to discover the wonders behind these so elaborate and deep, so human and heartbreaking stories, his mind as detached as possible from the animated film history that has left us.

Rudyard was born December 30, 1865 in Mumbai, when India was still a colony of England. Talking about the work of this Anglo-Indian author (as the settlers were called themselves) is talking about India, since much of their work developed in these landscapes and those who were inspired by different eras that lived there. The latter would add that, Rudyard be a tireless traveler who visit the colonies of England, you go to England several times by great seasons and live in America. Finally, a tireless traveler, something notably since the transfers were time and not a few inconveniences.

“This is the Law of the Jungle, as true as the sky “

The wise Baloo, Bagheera beautiful and powerful Akira, leader of the ‘Free People’ (the wolves) and of course, Mowgli and his parents Wolves appear immediately start reading ‘Jungle Book’. And this will be an interesting and exciting feature in the text: no long preambles and tired, explanatory. In the stories of Mowgli, things happen immediately ahead conflict with a requirement to sit reader to moonlight in the “Stone Council” immediately start reading to decide, with many lessons and the reigning ‘Law of the Jungle’, the fate of the man-cub; and outline the role lethal in front of his pursuer will, lifelong enemy Shere Khan, the tiger

Kipling belonged to a family full of artists. influential people of the Victorian era and subsequent. His parents and his mother’s family had a big name, although this is not the trigger for his great fame and wealth that the writer get their letters, what would be his prolific publication and the high quality of these; besides, of course, the only evidence of a settler in such an exotic and different as India to the inhabitants of the land Victorian England. In fact, ‘The Jungle Book’ is inspired by what is now known as the also went on to write more than a few books praising the militia of the Empire, in fact his work is devoted more to poetry, stories and novels very little, although this does not mean that lower quality or significance as it would be his last novel: Kim.

“Remember that he (Hathi the elephant) is the lord of the jungle, and who taught you the magic word jungle …”

Brother“, Baloo and Mowgli addresses this relationship as precious as same skin Bagheera, the panther, and with no fear that the human also has a close relationship. Thus, for the stories of ‘Jungle Book’ know decisive moments in the life of human raised by wolves, songs of the jungle, “magic words” and unwavering ‘Act Jungle ‘that governs all things on it. The law is so vast and powerful by its invisible, omnipresent and vital presence that is as a character, a mystic and rector of all beings. It is a delight to know whether the voice of Baloo as songs and lessons, with no little blood and bruises, learn Mowgli.

In 1907 Rudyard Kipling was awarded the Nobel Prize Literature, becoming the first Englishman to be so honored. By then he was exalted in his career and kept away 16 when started working in a newspaper of India, the Civil and Military Gazette, which would begin to publish stories and literary columns. As for her personal life can mention that he was married to Carrie Balestier with whom he had three children, two of whom died, Josephine, his eldest daughter at the age of six and John, his only son at age 18 when he was in battle in northern France. This profoundly mark the writer in your life and in your work.

If there is something exciting in ‘The Book Jungle ‘is the amount of wisdom that collects, and as short and concise stories creates stunning environments that explore, to the shame and pain, human nature. The book was published in 1894 and in 1985 there would be a second volume. Generally the current editions contain both volumes. This second part contains tales elsewhere in the world and with other characters also have many teachings, metaphors and beauty. By the depth of the stories is a bit “unfair” to be given the label of ” books for children “not because this is a small thing or because children’s literature without value or beauty, but because it falls short, because at any age will give food for thought, excited and enjoy these wonders that gives literature, and every time again it (trust me) find a song, story or phrase that will surprise you like the first time.

Four things in the world
That never felt satisfied
They did not have enough
From the beginning of time:
The mouth of the crocodile, the crop kite
Hands monkey and human eyes

This popular jungle

So, Rudyard Kipling gave us a lot of texts with his frantic literary production and well worth approaching your letters even reached genre of science fiction. The ‘Jungle Book’ is one of his many books of great beauty and literary quality that has inspired several screen adaptations; we mentioned the Disney though not the only one. However, in 2016 a adaptation know live-action (with a significant amount of CGI) Human puppy raised in the forest, one of many films presented at the D23 past. Let’s see what lies ahead.

Be sure to share your comments and opinions on this novel about the author. Good hunting!


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