A war of EVE Online is costing half a million dollars

It has so correponsal Associated Press.
Online gambling EVE Online , one of the titles online role has generated more curiosity to be governed by players (that han been tainted by corruption scandals ), has been in the news this week for having starred in the first “virtual war” that is remembered.
Conflict in the online game has generated losses estimated at $ 500,000 , and has even received its own war correspondent for the Associated Press.
As reported by USA Today, the conflict between Pandemic and N3 coalitions and alliance between the CFC and Russia produced a bill (the game world) without paying, which made up tensions escalasen the greatest battle ever recorded in the history of the game, with 500,000 loyal users who actively participate in their scanning system spatial and diplomacy.
War, which is ongoing, began Monday with the destruction of more than 100 ships Titan, the largest of the game, valued at $ 3,000 real money. In total, losses exceed half a million dollars . About 7,500 players have participated in this virtual conflict, which is broadcasting by streaming channels like Twitch.
The battle is the biggest online game to experience this in its ten year history, and Speaker CCP Games Icelandic admits “the game servers have sweated a little.” The creators of the game, watching the activity of this war, have slowed the speed of time in Eve Online 10% , allowing players to better plan their movements and commands are not lost.

 A war of EVE Online cause loss of half a million dollars


A war of EVE Online is costing half a million dollars
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January 30, 2014

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