Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+: price and availability of their new covers and housings

Samsung Galaxy S9 Accessories

Samsung announces the availability in Spain of new accessories for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. It is a collection of covers and housings of various types for its flagship. You can now buy officially in Spain, and are designed both to customize the device to protect it.

a total of six kinds of covers different, starting from 29,90 € to 69,90 euros of the most complete. All are adapted perfectly to the Galaxy S9 and are constructed of materials that attempt to combine resistance and lightness. We will describe each one of them.

Hyperknit Cover

Hyperknit 1

The first case is constructed with a sporty style and a material that reminds us of the sneakers. It is very light and has a touch rough. Is available in color grey, red, and leaves free the front in addition to the dual camera, the LED flash and the fingerprint reader. Its price is 34,90 eur.

Protective Standing Cover

Protective Standing Cover 2

The second case is for those looking for the classic durable casing. It is a sleeve with a more understated appearance, more thick and with certification u.s. military Mil-STD 810. Can be adjusted also to different positions to be able to comfortably use the screen of the Galaxy S9. Its price is 39,91 € .

Clear View Standing Cover

Clear View Standing Cover 2

The classic case for mobile is also available officially for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. It allows us to see through the front cover and check notifications without the need of lifting the lid on. You can also set the mobile to optimize the viewing of videos and content. Its price is 49,90 € .

LED View Cover

Led View Cover

Another classic is the cover LED View by using LED lighting shows the clock and notifications even though we have the cap front cover. It is also tactile and allows us to accept or reject calls by sliding your finger, all of this being closed. It also has NFC connectivity, and recommends a specific theme depending on the color of the cover. Finally, to comment that has a slot to place cards on the inside, an added very useful. Its price is 69,90 € .

Alcantara Cover

Cover Alcantara 1

The cover Alcantara is a sober design, and possibly more balanced. Offers protection against shock and stain resistance, but also has a sleek design and not too heavy. A coating available in colors black, blue, red, and gray. Its price is 49,90 € .

Silicone cover

Silicon Cover 2

The cover more simple is silicone. It is designed to protect the device and has a soft finish microfiber. It is available in colors black, dark gray, gray-blue (turquoise) and light pink (salmon). Its price is 29,90 € .

All the covers are already available to buy from the official website of Samsung at the time of the purchase of a Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+.

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Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+: price and availability of their new covers and housings
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April 16, 2018

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