Action Launcher 31 carries the icons adaptive to the folders: homogeneity of the power


The icons adaptive are an invention of Google introduced in Android Oreo by which you try to bring some order to the desktop of the mobile. With a system of masks, it is the user that you can decide the shape of their icons: if you will be round, square, drop-shaped…

a Few launchers for Android support icons-adaptive, but even in those cases you toparías with a curious case: although force all the icons to take a certain form, the folders are not affected, destroying the uniformity that you were trying to create. Action Launcher is the first to fix this with the folders adaptive.

Now yes, all the same

If you have the urgent need that on your phone all the applications and folders will have exactly the same shape, do not miss the latest version of action Launcher. Includes several changes, although the most representative are the folders adaptive, change design according to the way that you choose.

you will Find this new setting in the settings of Action Launcher, in the section Folders and Shutters – Style. You have two options to choose from: Adaptive and Adaptive (outline only). The difference, which you can see in the GIF above, is that one of them has a colored background and the other does not.

In this way, if you use the icons pack AdaptivePack you’ll be able to have a good number of icons and folders to game, with the same design, thus achieving something that seemed impossible in Android, uniformity system.

Now we need only see if Nova Launcher will follow the same steps, and it is that the options to change the layout of the folders along without change for a long time already, with the last important novelty of the style Pixel, a year ago.

Other changes: Action Launcher

The version 31, Action Launcher includes other developments in addition to folders in different ways. For a start, it is now compatible with Essential PH-1, and its peculiar bar screen.

we Also have fixed a good amount of errors (more than 20, to be exact), has launched its new support page and includes the new typography Nice Sans, the one used in the widget “At a Glance” in the Pixel 2 (the widget that displays your next calendar event).

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Action Launcher 31 carries the icons adaptive to the folders: homogeneity of the power
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November 15, 2017

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