Activating the dark theme in Windows 10

Enabling dark theme in Windows 10

There is a dark theme in Windows 10, but unlike the Microsoft offering Edge, this is hidden from the user and can only be activated with a small hack.

The design of all elements of the system has been greatly improved Windows 10 , and although there are many things that could be improved and polished, still it looks much better than its predecessors. However, a common complaint among users is that there is an excess of white everywhere .

While we can change the highlight color of the tiles and items Configuration menus from the customization options, white still dominates everything else. Now, Windows 10 has a dark theme, but hidden . I do not understand why Microsoft does not offer the option to turn this issue in the same simple way in which we can do in Microsoft Edge (Settings> Choose a topic), but it exists and we can set it by making a minor change to the record.

On the dark style for Windows 10

dark theme in Windows 10

All you have to do to get this item It is to modify a parameter in the Windows registry.

  1. Click the Start button, type “regedit” and then press Enter.
  2. Open the route:
     Route 1
  3. Click Edit> New> DWORD Value (32 bits) and give the value created the name “ AppsUseLightTheme ” (without quotes).
  4. Assign a value of “0”
  5. Repeat the same thing on the route:
     Route 2
  6. Restart the system or session.

dark theme in Windows 10

If you do not want to mess with the registry, and you prefer easy work. People HowToGeek You have created a registry key file that you just have to double click to change the subject. You can download aquí. Just unzip and double-click the one that says “Use Dark Theme” and if you want to return to using another clear theme.

The changes do not affect Windows Explorer or third-party applications. For that you should use an unofficial theme or the appalling high contrast combinations.

 dark theme in Windows 10

dark theme in Windows 10


Activating the dark theme in Windows 10
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August 21, 2015

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