Activision supports the exhaustion of the players with the COD futuristic

It does not deny the possibility of more games with a historical setting.

The return to the World War II was in great demand by the players of Call of Duty. Eric Hirshberg, ceo of Activision, has revealed in an interview with Gameinformer I knew of the fatigue with the theme of modern or futuristic and intended to give more variety to the series.

On the return to the historic environment, Hirshberg explained that it was the product of “instinct, and a lot of conversation”: “First, it was not so much that everyone in the community of COD was tired with the modern, and this led us to experiment with bringing the saga into the future. I Think that looking back we can agree that perhaps we had more than we needed“.

Two and a half years before Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare the company was beginning to want, and listen to requests to return to their roots. “No matter how much you think that it is time to do one or the other, or what a decisive that is my opinion, if a team does not have the passion or great ideas for that game or theme, that is a road to failure and you should stay away from him. In this case, the stars aligned“.


More games historical

“I Think that the original desire in Sledgehammer was to Advanced Warfare 2 for understandable reasons, what developer doesn’t want a sequel and start a subsaga long-term with your personal seal?”, explains Hirshberg, who says that when you get into conversations the topic of World War II soon showed his interest. “it Was a dialogue very early in the development process and was well, and here we are,”.

Call of Duty: WWII would not be an experiment in point. Although it may not reveal anything of the future games, Hirshberg itself explains that it is not seen as a single game: “I Believe that World War II and environment and historical are in general a territory very rich and that there is every chance that they will become something that we explore more than once”.

Activision supports the exhaustion of the players with the COD futurists

Activision supports the exhaustion of the players with the COD futuristic
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September 6, 2017

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