Add shortcuts to any app in the quick settings of Android with App Tiles

Add shortcuts to any app in the quick settings of Android with App Tiles

The quick settings of Android, then, well… exactly that, a place where you can turn on and off various system settings like Wifi, airplane mode or rotation of the screen. However, you can give it more utility with App Tiles, a simple application to add the application you want to quick settings.

Many layers of Android change quick settings, adding some that are not technically settings such as the calculator or sticky notes. Okay, technically it is not a settings, but it is also useful to have it on hand. If you want to add a particular application to have it always at hand, it is very easy with App Tiles.

First, create your shortcuts

One of the what’s new Android Nougat was the possibility of customize the quick settings, which could now be supplemented with new buttons from third-party applications. Some applications have already been updated to include its own button, but not all. If you miss one, the App Tiles is an app very simple so that you can launch any application from the notification.

To begin you must, obviously, download the app from Google Play. When you open it the first thing you see is a confirmation window on the customizing ads. You choose whether you want to based on your profile (Yes, I Agree) or not (no, Thank you). You’ll see ads like every time you add an application: the difference is whether it will be based on your profile ad or not.


For the rest, you have a total of six-slots that you can customize with apps to add to the quick settings. You do not need to use all of them or much less. Tap on Select in any of these slots to open the window of selection of applications. Well, before that, you are shown a full-screen ad.


you Can repeat the process as many times as you want to add other custom applications, but otherwise you don’t need to do anything else in the application. Now is the turn of the customization custom settings yes. When you open quick settings in Android.

Then, add them to the quick settings

Now is the time to customize the quick settings of Android, an option that we mentioned before is added from Android Nougat. The exact mode of doing this can vary slightly from one layer of Android to another. In Android pure, you have to display notifications and to play in the icon-pencil. In Samsung (below), you have to play in the menu and choose Order buttons.

At the bottom of the editing screen are displayed those grids that are not in use, including the six that has created the application. Are shown with the generic name of App 1, App 2, etc, is Not very explanatory, though when you complete the changes, the name will change to something more explanatory.


Places the buttons where you want, accept the changes and you will see that each shortcut changes to show first letter of the name of the application as an icon. It is not too pretty, but performs the function. Now, when you want to launch one of those applications, you can do it directly from the notifications panel, without even getting into the launcher.

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Add shortcuts to any app in the quick settings of Android with App Tiles
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January 23, 2019

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