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Advantages of HP PageWide against laser printing technology

Printing, one of the technologies that generate more frustration both in the offices and in our homes, it is however, essential for our daily tasks.

It is vital to choose the right printing technology for our business, since most of our time and resources will leave with her. Currently we have several alternatives on the market. On one side are the laser printers : do not use toner cartridges but with powdered pigments. Unlike inkjet printers, these are based on a photosensitive drum where a laser engrave letters or photos using an electrostatic charge. This technology, thus incorporating products that are more expensive, but each copy is cheaper because it does not have to constantly replace the ink cartridges are more reliable and fast, but do not have the quality we can offer printer ink.

On the other hand we have the inkjet printers : work by spraying ink onto the paper in small drilled heads. Ink is provided by a cartridge that incorporates the primary colors (cyan, magenta and yellow) to create the final images. Are cheaper than laser printers and have a higher quality, appreciated especially in the business environment, but each copy is more expensive and replace the ink cartridges generates another additional cost.

As we can see both technologies have their respective advantages and disadvantages. It is precisely the point from which comes the technology HP PageWide , one of the best attempts to settle a new standard in professional printing because it combines the biggest benefits of each technology.


The products incorporating this technology, the range of printers HP OfficeJet Series X are twice as fast thanks to its 1,200 nozzles color, each smaller than a human hair expelling millions of drops per second, are a cost savings of up to 50% compared to laser printing technology, are able to print up to 70 pages per minute, a record because a cartridge having the same or more size than a sheet of paper, the printer does not need to perform the process mapping and directly launch the ink jet simultaneously from all nozzles, and also offer the best picture quality.

Those responsible for HP have told us they need 3-5 years to more than 1,000 prototypes to achieve its engineers create new compounds. Contrary to what some may think, the ink is not just colored water, you need to add precise amounts of binders or polymers depending on the type of impression that will be allocated each cartridge. A whole process of technological innovation. All technical innovation process as we see in this HP ​​playlist.


Advantages of HP PageWide against laser printing technology – presentedHPEspana
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September 14, 2015

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