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Affinity Photo

Everyone Photoshop knows, and probably the vast majority ever used. But how many you need everything offered? Or better yet, how many should pay what it costs them to leave? For them, the rest of us to whom the program is too big for Adobe comes Photo.Photoshop Affinity has always been (and always will) the software of reference in the world of design and graphic arts. Normal when you consider that has been in development for over 25 years and has released countless versions and updates to the market since. This has very good things, like being at a program development and ongoing support, or improve each year adding features that make directly in complete graphic editor on the planet. And that is precisely one of its biggest “buts”.

Photoshop is the most complete editor, but is also the most expensive and the most difficult to master Photoshop It has become an elephant can do all kinds of graphic works, from photo editing to design interfaces. The most capable yes, but also the most expensive and the most difficult to master completely. Not to mention that if only one type of work we carry out many of the graphic features that are added every year we can make rather little or are not completely focused on what we need to improve.

in recent years have come to the alternative market for the rest of us This has made in recent years have come to market a group of alternative applications (and in many separate cases) without reaching be as complete as the software Adobe have managed to earn a place in a very simple way: by focusing on something and being the best at it. And they not have to be as complex and comprehensive as Photoshop or need the same resources are mostly much cheaper.

This is the case with Sketch for those who are mainly engaged in designing user interfaces, the Monodraw for those who want to create ASCII graphics, Pixen for those who want to Pixel Art or Pixelmator for those who do not want to complicate. And now to those who want to edit photos reaches Affinity Photo . ## An editor at the height AffinityPhoto-2 Like any modern photo editor Photo Affinity supports common formats: RAW, JPEG, PNG, TIFF , GIF, SVG, EPS, PDF. And in case we have to deal occasionally with a Photoshop file, the app can open, edit and save PSDs without any problem . Logically can not match the Adobe program to work with these files, something is their proprietary format, but in my tests I have not encountered any problem when you reopen the documents in Photoshop. We also find the usual color spaces all modern editing programs: RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, Lab. And as can not be otherwise with 16 bits per channel.

Photo Affinity has all the tools and features you can expect from a modern editor also found the common editing tools : exposure control, white balance, brightness, intensity … As well as all the information you might need in an image: Histogram, Exif data … And of course, to eliminate corrective lenses halos, vignetting, noise and chromatic aberrations. And as editing digital images is not the same without a little “Body painting” Affinity Photo also has tools to remove objects, clone, create patches, clean imperfections, red eyes and even fun tool “liquefied”. In this way we can “photoshopping” a picture without using Photoshop.

And as good editing is not usually (or should) be done directly on the main image, Affinity Photo has a complete layer system . We can not only create all we need and group by group, but it can also block them, edit them and combine them to your liking. And of course the layers may be either set as filter or masks. Finally, we can also include text and shapes using the tools of vector drawing and text editing.

All these features may seem basic, but that does not make them superfluous, if not the opposite. Without all these essential features in any modern graphical editor (we exclude this group the apps by “filters”) would be impossible to think of Affinity Photo as a real alternative to Photoshop when editing photos.

and a little more

 AffinityPhoto-3 So far we have seen all the features that make Affinity Photo will match the other graphics editors on the market, but what is it that makes that difference and stand out?

This from Serif have worked on features such as integration with Shutterstock, 500px and DepositPhoto directly in the editor. Thus if we are working on a project and need some kind of graphic resource so that it can perfect look directly into the editor. Although what I liked is that despite save and close a document, the application maintains the history of changes. Thus if you’re working on a file for several days we can go back to the changes we made days ago without any problem . Ten.

Since it can not be otherwise, Affinity Photo also includes a complete set of atajos keyboard with which we can manage app as true professionals. From what I’ve seen, without being a guru shortcuts, many of them are standard so if you come from other apps also will walk groping. That if not all the same so something if we have to get used to.

Thanks to the performance monitoring can prevent the app saturate our computer She also seemed curious that we are in settings with the possibility of monitor performance application as resources that “we use” ideal if your machine has an age when we do not want to saturate a project ambitious. I personally have not had any problems of resource consumption with the app, but not if it is good or bad sign that such options are included. On the one hand gives us the ability to limit how much you can grab the app, but on the other is supposed to be smart enough to know enough to say for itself.

Like Photoshop, Affinity Photo gives us the option to use the application with all the tools and documents a single window or each independently . I personally am more a fan of the first, everything is less scattered, but after four years at a university communication’ve seen enough people who prefer one form or another to understand that there is an option. Although you do not have Photoshop, for now, in the “single window” mode is the ability to use the full screen app. One way in which we maximize the size of your monitor.

AffinityPhoto-4 Taking advantage of the arrival of Captain OS X now also supports Split View , with which we can use the editor with another app without leaving mode fullscreen. This can be useful if we use Affinity Photo with Safari or a Finder window where we can access different resources or files. The only downside, at least 13 computers “or less, is that the Split View mode requires a lot of space, which makes the added have a tiny space.

But beyond the drawbacks or the pros of these functions or whether we like more or less, what matters is what they mean: Serif has created an app that is a first class citizen in OS X, which Adobe can not say. Photo Affinity sold through the Mac App Store, so the license is tied to our iTunes account, and as is compatible with “En Familia” the people closest to us can also enjoy. This means that when we go to install or remove it from your computer does not have to walk or installers dealing with half a dozen apps that must be installed if or when that’ll never use.

And integration the Mac does not end here, since advantage of the latest hardware and software technologies that Apple includes in its computers as Force Touch, iCloud Drive, Retina resolutions (up to 5K), OpenGL and processors 64 bits.8Si we compare Affinity Photo with Photoshop probably a characteristic feature not only lose but it would be crushed by Adobe, but that is not the war of Serif. The idea is not, nor has been unseat the king if not offer an alternative capable enough and advanced to 90% of people using Photoshop arises change.

You may not have the same popularity, but I do not think that most users need (or want to use) many of the features that Photoshop has. And that has good things like that dominate Affinity Photo is much easier to master Photoshop, or that the price is much more affordable (a single payment of 49,99€ against subscribing to Creative Cloud). Maybe for professionals is not sufficient, other than the standard, but for amateur photographers still edit their images without throwing an app filters or unwilling to pay that much for a publisher Affinity Photo is the best alternative There is now seamlessly integrated with OS X. Day.- – The history is recorded even though we close and open one documento.- The interface can be a bit confusing. – The control performance is something that should be performed automatically


Affinity Photo: Photoshop for the rest of us
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October 15, 2015

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