After a month with the Samsung Galaxy S6, my opinion changed

After a month with Samsung Galaxy S6, my opinion changed

I had a Samsung Galaxy S6 for about a month, combined with a Galaxy S6 Edge, and my opinion has changed since I reviewed the first they. The experience is still good, but there are points to be improved.

In my analysis of Samsung Galaxy S6 here in Hipertextual I concluded it was the best Android terminal with short but rich history of the operating system Google. For the first time, the most powerful company ecosystem, Samsung, decided to strike after two separate attempts with Alpha Galaxy and the Galaxy Note 4. The Galaxy S6 is the embodiment of this new approach to Korean , but also wanted to make clear throughout the review, it is still far from being a perfect terminal. The note was 9, but from there upwards, climbing places is a very complicated mission. I’ve been about a month with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and I commented my impressions.

The edges of the Galaxy S6 have not conquered me

Edges Galaxy S6 have not conquered me

The first thing I will comment on is that unlike the opinion of Javier Lacort in his analysis of S6 Edge, I’ll take the standard model or normal, the Galaxy S6 to dry. I have not come to get comfortable with the S6 Edge in hand, always had the sensaciíon that I clavava a bit, which made for me to lose the premium point of other models like the One ​​ or S6 itself. The functionality offered their edges is null , but that is not objectionable. The sense of S6 Edge is aesthetic and experimental, but not in that sense has won me. I appreciate, though, the engineering behind.

Following the body, has deeply disappointed fragility scratch . Eye is a fact that I have also seen many iPhone 6, but hoped the Gorilla Glass 4 was much stronger. And apparently it is, but from shock. No I have never fallen, but I have seen many videos of falls and crash test, and a drop in person, and I was surprised. It can be seen as positive, as the repair would be about 200 €, but I do not usually fall to me, and yet, the sun itself scratches are though not profound. Occur in both the back and front, and in large numbers in the home button. I do not know how the fingerprint reader may suffer over time, ideally covering material was sapphire.

 Galaxy S6 Edge Review - 05

Speaking of the fingerprint reader, we must clarify something: is one aspect that has most disappointed. I’ve activated for days, but overall, I’ve carried off. It frustrates me so much that after three software updates, no better recognize my mark (no finger). In most cases, necessary until a third attempt . And when you’ve failed many times, the code entered is too long.

 Galaxy S6 hypertext

to the screen, I have mixed feelings. In S6 Edge they annoy me the reflections that appear on the sides, especially when we are in the sun. I do not like, and I see more and more cases, color variations and burned with some panels in both models, although it is not something most users perceive. The good point is that with a single href=””> subjective trick could solve my problem with the one cooler but pleasant tint warm precisely.

The battery was bad in the analysis period, and did not improve with the three new actulizaciones that ins, I hewed. I was away for a few days, where I did a lot of pictures and very intensive use of GPS, and I had to load three times a day, several days. Hence the rapid charging is the best ally, but does not solve the problem If you travel from morning till night a city, without much time to stop. As a descriptive story about this: one day there was even finished loading my external battery, so I had to go into a mall just to bear the microUSB cables tablets of exposure as an important call waiting.

Galaxy S6 Edge Review - 02

Experience com camera as both terminals, it has remained just as good, and has even improved, because I’ve done hundreds of photos in places more profitable to Sevilla (which is saying something), which was where I was testing for review. It has proven to be pretty terrain , but too small to process the night shots. Also miss greater exposure control , especially in the video, which can only explain as the frame mode. It seems that this could come together to RAW, in version 5.1.1 Lollipop

 Galaxy S6 multitasking

Finally, talk about performance. The Exynos 7420 still seems the best mobile SoC market today , and throughout this time I have not felt uncomfortable with TouchWiz and any intensive task asked of him, but I have to say that I’ve noticed quite degradation in the system, especially after the latest updates, something unexpected. Naturally, after restoring the system everything it returns to normal, but if error correction time experience worsening twice, the customer is normal to feel dissatisfied and do not understand what errors are fixing. There is a serious problem, such as management of RAM (too aggressive closing processes, as the iPad ) , which remains unresolved, and there is no assurance that fixed soon.

The Galaxy S6 it remains terminal reference, but after 1 month, lose feeling

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S6 still seems Android best high-end and personally, the only one whose purchase recommend , by the superiority it has on all other models in 2015. However, as evidenced in the examples I have given over the post, to me has lost some that “halo” that made it so special, and the note of your review would fall somewhat today, although it is postulating to the podium of the best smartphones of the year where hope to meet with the Galaxy Note 5 to the next iPhone.


After a month with the Samsung Galaxy S6, my opinion changed
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June 9, 2015

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