After Earth – Decay, decay of the Earth in Google Maps


We found a website apocalyptic teaching us the possible decline of the land in the future through the Google Maps API. The truth is that it is a film promotion M. Night Shyamalan with the same title, but it would still be less interesting.

In After Earth discovered a map in which we can observe several interesting points of the planet as the Eiffel Tower, the Brandenburg Bridge or the White House as they look today or how they would be from here to 1000 years in the absence of human population. The default view of these places will be an aerial view, where you can play with a “time bar” slide to see what the progression of the landscape from the present year until a thousand years later. If we go into more detail we can make the transition to a view to Street View that will allow us to display the decaying landscape more closely.

Globally, we see how the tectonic plates are moving and Africa just hitting South America. It is certainly interesting to see how it could be a future on this planet without humans (impressed to see everything covered in vegetation).

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After Earth – Decay, decay of the Earth in Google Maps
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June 2, 2013

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