‘Agents of SHIELD’ continues to improve

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Hace I commented a few days the start of the second season ‘The Flash’ was not liking me as much as expected because it had not enough creative freedom to focus on being herself, a direct result of the apparent obsession with The CW maximize everything related to the necessary preparation for the premiere of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. Theirs would that also happen at all times with ‘ Agents of SHIELD ‘, since it is still a very small piece of the huge audiovisual universe of Marvel.

It is true that perhaps it was a limitation for their hard beginnings as ‘Agents of SHIELD’ took over in midseason find herself, but since then has kept a line of what more stimulating fruit have defined what is and exactly what it wants to be and also to pull it each more entertaining and interesting way , has managed to increase considerably even some main characters who at first could not give me more like and that so far this third season I am increasingly concerned over what might happen to them.

‘Agents of SHIELD’ constantly growing

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From here you will find spoilers until the tenth episode of the third season

At first series of the third season several frames that have evolved to exploit that have been introduced, first with the revelation that Andrew was actually mainly Lash and how May had to deal with it, but that discovery was also the catalyst of a cascade of events that have led us to death at the hands of Ward Coulson in a magnificent scene Fitz-the fact that it witnessed all added even more strength to that moment and then that strange creature from taking over his body and came to our dimension.

Naturally, the future looks exciting, but there will be time to see and enjoy. Now what interests us is how you got there, because ‘Agents of SHIELD’ has not only definitively reached a wonderful maturity that has allowed it to synchronizing multiple frames without any ups and downs of interest and achieving above create synergies between all . This achieves that when one is temporarily impossible -that side cover everything at once, never left feeling abandoned and that the time that first line again feels natural.

maximizing its protagonists

Jemma Agents Of Shield

Already ahead behind the characters were magnified even more in this third season, but it would be unfair not affect in a special way in the relationship between Fitz and Jemma. I recognize that the cliffhanger of season left me feeling a bit found because basically it was a sort of goop to create expectations of what was to come, but who have then developed as well, starting with his obsession for locate and continuing with this splendid episode, one of the best 2015 of any series that has seen, focused on the experience of it in that bleak world in which over, that I can only applaud the writers .

That’s a direct result of an obvious increase in emotional intensity so far this third season, first-or creando- strengthening the links between the characters and then taking full it may juice. By the way, am I the only one who thought that the murder of Rosalind at the hands of Ward was at the height of the killings with which Joss Whedon left us with the jaw dislocated in his other series?

In addition, the writers have managed to go in parallel with creating a new threat that really conveys concern to the viewer and has allowed Hydra revitalize when this mythical association was in danger of losing importance and make it all subject to recurrent danger Ward. Best of all is that they have even managed to make the mid-season finale has so hard he could well have been a season finale .

 Rosalind Coulson

In short, ‘Agents of SHIELD’ it is a series that has long since found itself today and the only thing not going is more hearings . Otherwise, the sky seems to be the limit for her, and I’ll be there to continue enjoying it while it lasts, it is true that the limitations of being a series of network noticeable, but that is increasingly close to reaching a level that has almost nothing to envy ‘Daredevil‘ or ‘Jessica Jones ‘.

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‘Agents of SHIELD’ continues to improve
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December 13, 2015

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