AirCast: Play videos in ChromeCast from the gallery, DropBox and Drive

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With the introduction of ChromeCast by Google, has been given a big boost to the need share content on TV devices . And although initially this option was only available for a few applications, developers around the world have been put to work implementing it in other apps and creating new concepts based on the ChromeCast original, as CheapCast, of which I spoke.

But this time the news comes from the hand of one of the bigwigs of the Android scene, Koushik Dutta, none other than the founder of ClockworkMod and applications like ROM Manager or Helium . Koush posted on his Google+ profile that after dedicating a few hours to research protocols using ChromeCast has created an application called AirCast which dispenses ChromeCast and SDK lets you share content from different sources such as the device’s own gallery, DropBox and Google Drive.

So, when installing the application AirCast it is integrated into the application menu that appears to give Share in any video or image within the gallery or in those cloud services and automatically begin to play on TV through ChromeCast. Besides being extremely easy to use, it also allows a basic playback controls from within the application or from the notification bar. You can see her performance in the video below:

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reports that Kush is a first beta and has some bugs , such that in some galleries of devices like the HTC One does not appear AirCast button, but will fix it in future releases. For the lucky owners of a ChromeCast, and you can download the beta from the official link (I put it down) that he has put in his publication, but warns that disappear within two days since you are looking for feedback from users and to troubleshoot errors, but also left a mirror to be available indefinitely.

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AirCast: Play videos in ChromeCast from the gallery, DropBox and Drive
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