AirDroid 3.2.2: how to record the screen of your Android video


Are you looking for an application with which you can capture the screen of your mobile video? If you already have AirDroid installed now not need anything else, is that the video capture is now added to the long list of features of this application.

The update 3.2.2 AirDroid bring your good helping of interesting news. In addition to the aforementioned video capture, add a optimizing battery usage that would be an improvement of 65% over previous versions and backup, that we saw con before, now also extends to videos, although this is a payment function.

AirDroid is by no means the only or first application to record video screen (which can achieved even without any application, solo ADB) but being a relatively popular application that many people already have installed we can expect that more than one function used to record the screen instead of installing another application such as AZ Screen Recorder. Also, record your screen video is a snap with AirDroid


1. Open the main window AirDroid

After you install AirDroid on your Android (or upgrade to the latest version, if you already had), open the main window to access the list of tools which version to version continues to increase to the point that begins to worry slightly if slowly AirDroid not be carried away by the dark side of bloatware. Hopefully not

Fortunately, to use this window and record the mobile screen video no need to account , so if you do not want to complete this step now. – and do not click register culpo- later and you’re done.


Buried among the other various utilities find a new icon, Record Screen . Touch it to open the recording mode, and do not worry because the recording does not start immediately, but the floating window opens burning tools.

2. Change the options

This step is optional, but you probably want to take a walk by the configuration of the video recording, at least the first time you use it. To do this, touch the options icon (gear) on the floating recording window (note: you can drag the bar on the screen)

Here are several ways you can. configure, such as audio recording , the countdown before recording or if you want to also record the front camera while the screen is captured. That is, if you want record your “reaction” while using mobile


on a more technical note, you can also change the resolution , bitrate and frames per second , although the default configuration is probably more than enough in most cases.

3. Let’s Record

Click the icon of the video camera on the floating toolbar and start recording. A pop-up window warns you of impending recording even if you have turned the countdown still have three seconds to get ready.

The recording, as expected, makes mobile will suffer a bit in performance , although this obviously depends on the power of the mobile in question. In any case, nothing should stop you record while playing a game, as long as you care not to lose the odd frame per second.

As for view of your face recorded with the front camera if you’ve enabled this option, it is a window that you can move and resize as you wish during recording.


once you’re done, click the icon AirDroid for floating toolbar to expand and tap camcorder icon to stop recording. Unfortunately, AirDroid does not include the ability to pause and resume recording later.

4. Check your creation

Once you have finished recording can view your recordings by tapping the folder icon, in the same recording floating bar. If you do not plan to record more, and can close the floating window completely, playing the X.

In our tests, recording has been pretty good , even recording audio and the front camera, so if you already use AirDroid and you record a video capture occasionally, it is very possible that you do not need any additional application more

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AirDroid 3.2.2: how to record the screen of your Android video
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June 8, 2016

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